JW foul play.

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  • avishai

    What instances do you know of JW crime, particularly JW on JW or JW on xjw?

    I know of several instances. My own PO, elder grandfather ripped off tons of dubs. I know of another case where the entire body of elders benefited from ripping off a ladies entire inheritance. When she tried to leave, they cut her brake cables. I saw the cables myself. I know of many others.

    I also may get the usual "Jw's are basically good, blah, blah, blah." Yes. But I also say that the way you are taught to be able to sever close relationships at the drop of a hat (df'ing) no unconditional love, taught to HOPE for the destruction of 99% of the population, not to mention that you are in an isolated, closed society that usually does'nt take one another to court, is a prime environment for some vicious behavior.

  • Mum

    Hi, avishai.

    That's a pretty shocking post. I must say I knew very little about any JW crime. I have been out since 1979, so that could account for part of the reason. In the '60's and '70's I heard of some shocking sexual and abusive behavior. Of course, in those days it was not considered a crime in the U.S. to beat the crap out of women or children, and there was lots of that kind of crime (which no one dared call a crime) among the JW's I knew.

    I have seen some horrifiying stories on this and other discussion boards about JW crime. It's a natural product of selecting out mostly uneducated, ignorant, semi-literate, easily led, vulnerable individuals and telling them they have been chosen by God to do "special" work. Keeping up appearances and keeping the organization alive become more important than strong and loving families, character development, or other values that promote sound mental health. Behavior becomes secondary to "loyalty to the organization."

    Lost and 'way downstream they are (as we were once). So sad.



  • avishai

    Both of the instances i mentioned happened n the late 70's early 80's

  • Devils Advocate
    Devils Advocate

    Only thing that I know of that was illegal was when a very quietly homosexual JW, who was also a weatlthy farmer and landowner, adopted a pre-teenage "son" to live with him. He raised the boy as his own but used him as a sexual toy. The elders in the congregation were alerted to this (as the JW also had a live-in adult lover and news of their activities was somewhat common knowledge) but due to the amount of money this man controlled the elders swept it under the rug.

  • Odrade

    I know of several individual situations of money type crimes. Including being a victim of a money crime myself. But can't say that I know of anything that would be collusion. (at least not personally and directly)

    I certainly don't doubt that it happens though. What brought this post on? Did something happen?


  • avishai

    No, nothing in particular, actually it was the post about the guy who's ex and ex mother and law sent thugs to beat him up. It brought back many memories of situations where people, elders in particular had done things with relative impunity. Which brings another point. Many JW's, beyond the whole not thking your bro to court thing would be loathe to "bring reproach on jah's name, or would be discouraged from reporting for this reason.

  • dorothy

    A computer was given to me by someone in my congregation. I took it in a few years later to be upgraded and when I went to pick it up the guy looked at me in disbelief and said "This thing is full of parts stolen from the governement!" Ooops

  • freedom96

    There is a case in Portland right now involving a witness, who has been in jail for quite some time now, awaiting trial. He is accused of aggrivated asault, kidnapping, and robbery. Very serious case, $1,000,000 bail which he cannot come up with. Apparently the congregation does not talk about it at all. Hush hush, for to give the witnesses a bad name.

    I have heard that he of course is spinning it, saying it was a set up, and he is being framed. But, in my opinion, with a million dollar bail, there is some big time evidence against the guy.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    One of the Elders wives in the Huntington NY congregation in the 1970s and early 80s was superintendent for a local apartment complex. Housing was tight and there was a long waiting list to get into this housing complex. It was commonly known ( told to me by three separate unrelated "wordly people" that all you had to do was " slip Mrs. Robinson" $500 and you would be bumped to the head of the list".

    Sister Robinson had come up to me at a JW funeral after I had been " fading away". I had just graduated college and was looking for a place to live. When I mentioned this to her ( in the course of conversation) she told me to come and talk to her; she could "help me out". I never did.

  • gumby

    One time I was visiting Bethel I walked by the room where the GB was discussing some 'new light' and I yelled...."you lying old bastards" real loud as I walked by. The door flew open and Greenless dove on me first, then chitty got me from behind. Pretty soon Fred Franz had me in a headlock and sydlic was kicking me in the gut. Sick bastards!

    Actually.....for the most part, I could trust most of the dubs I knew well and saw very little underhandedness during my 40 years as a witness. There are creeps in every avenue of life......dubs included.


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