I need loving hearts to send help to another EX-JW

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  • morty


    If you think your friend would like some company when she gets to London Ont,I am here to visit her.Just send me a pm.

    Glad to see you got rid of your spyware.

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    St. Jacob's. Fun town. I like to go there every summer and shop for arts and crafts. Some of the hardcore Mennonite's freak me out a bit when they go flying past in their black painted buggies with minimal windows but it's a charming little town.

    Glad to hear the spyware is gone. I think the Norton you have is just the "Norton Anti Virus". It often does not pick up invading programs that the "Norton Internet Security" does.

    I hope that the hospital is able to get a professional to work with your freind. She sounds like she has so much to live for and is clearly appreciated and needed. I have known some alcoholics and I just don't know how someone could have a lasting marital relationship with one. I can't help but think she is so much better off, if not immediately, but in the long term. Your obviously a very dear freind to be trying so hard to reach your freind emotionally.

  • mouthy

    I will remember that Mort..Thanks

    Happy Guy- next time you visit this town come see me! I am right in Town...

  • mouthy

    Lady Lee!!! You didnt see the sweat pouring off my brow-lol Poor skully!!! She was so patient- Her phone bill was mounting -yet she kept saying it is all right Grace ..

    Now I have a bone to pick with you!!! what are you calling me a dog???? The saying is "it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks" LOL ... Only kidding I know you dont think I am a dog a Cow maybe -sometimes!!!!!! LOL

  • Scully

    Really, Grace... it IS all right!! I enjoyed helping you with this - it's so nice to see you posting again and not having to worry about that spyware warning coming up. I know how that was troubling you, and I'm glad we fixed that problem. Really, please don't worry about my phone bill... it will be no more than if I'd taken you out for lunch, which I would be more than happy to do!

    Next time we talk, we're going to finish installing Ad-Aware and Spysweeper. And I will help you fix Outlook so you don't get any more e-mails offering you a bigger penis. (Unless you really want them, of course... LOL)

    Love, Scully

  • outbutnotdown


    Sorry to hear about your friend, Rosilie. I live in London. I'm not sure if I ever met her..... I lived here from 1990 to 1992, before I left the org. But, if you want to pm me, you can let me know where to send a card. It's sad that a lot of deeply emotional people, (who are also quite often the most loving, too) are capable of falling into these depressions as well. I can relate to her predicament..... (my father was in a similar state).

    My best thoughts are with her.


  • mouthy

    ScullyWhat would I do with it????/( You naughty gal)

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