I need loving hearts to send help to another EX-JW

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  • mouthy

    I am asking any who could take the time-to send encouragement to an ex JW-she was raised as one- Her Mother died for refusing blood...she married out of the org- & was dfellowshipped. The fellow she married was an alcholic---didnt understand her feelings about being ousted!!!!!A couple of months ago she tried to kill herself.Why???? She divorced her hubby -( they have 3 kids) about two years ago-
    Since then -he joined AA straigned himself out, but found a new lady in the AA. All her kids 19-20- 22 yrs old) left home!!! So there is the empty nest....

    Well Monday last she tried it again- THIS time nearly succeeded, This time she said "Oh I didnt take enough"

    If any on board would like to let her know- She is not alone!!!!! Drop her a card at the hospital( e-mail me I will give the address) She called me again today! Said she likes my "kick in the pants" I give!!! All I try to do is tell her . The WT loves it when folks "oft out!" They say "See what happens when they go into the world"!!!!!

    I am sorry to ask again for those who pray >do so for Barb & for the others please send good vibes her way in Woodstock Ontario!!!!!

    Love to you all

    Mouthy/Grace/ Granny.


    Grace I am editing some of your posts. They seem to come with a background image that says you have spyware on your computer. And the image makes it hard to read your message. PS Glad you haven't left us completely

  • mouthy
  • mouthy

    I tried to do what you said Lee but DAH!!!!! didnt work

    attempt to remove Spyware warning ~ Scully

  • Outaservice

    Hi Grace,

    Send me her address.



    If this is who I think it is: (Rosalyn), she's one helluva lady.

    For those of you who met her during the Labour Day 2003 Apostafest in Detroit, you know who she is.

    She's a lovely person.

    I am shocked to read this. I need to make a journey down the 401 to Woodstock.

    She's too precious. A lovely person; even the Michigan apostates had fun with (our) accents, thinking we (myself and Rosalyn) were like the actors from the movie FARGO.

    I'm heart broken to read this.


    edited by request ~ Scully

  • Scully


    I'll give you a call later this morning to see if I can get her address

    (and help you de-bug your computer).

    Love, Scully

  • Scully

    zev posted some terrific links to help remove spyware and adware from your computer.

    Re: Tool bar hijacked. Could use some help. Thanks!

    ad-aware http://find.pcworld.com/34058

    pepimk spybot search and destroy http://find.pcworld.com/32678

    pest patrol http://find.pcworld.com/35420

    spysweeper http://find.pcworld.com/35423

    dowload them all, install and run them. keep them updated and run regularly.

    I hope that anyone who may have missed this message started by Mouthy the first time, will see it here again now.

    This person to whom we are referring to is an absolute charm.

    She has to be one of the kindest, warmest and most hospitable persons I have ever encountered.

    Not bitter, nary a bad word to be heard about 'anyone'.

    For what it's worth, anyone who feels like sending this kind-hearted exJW individual a message of encouragement and love, by all means, private message MOUTHY. She'll give you the information.

    Thanks to the Michigan folks who wrote me back (via e-mail), I was very thankful for your concern.

    Let's send a little love and concern 'her' way and help make her existance here, a welcome and worthwhile return.

    XO to Rosalyn (forum name)
    Love, Rayzorblade

  • azaria

    Hi Grace, my card to your friend is in the mail. I hope she receives many cards. She's in my prayers. Love, Azaria

  • mouthy

    To all the many people that responded to my request SO MANY!!!!

    I thank you so much -it makes you messengers of love....Weather you believe in a Creator or not- The one thing I believe is LOVE makes the world go around......Just because I believe in Christ---& many of you state you dont!!!!! Makes it all the more a miricale-to see that LOVE NEVER FAILS---- is true for me. I made a simple request- But you all( as the wonderful lot you are ) answered it .....Do you know how I love you all

    NO????? Well it is Higher than the heavens deeper than the sea-& I dont ever see you, ( hey that is how God loves us!) we dont see HIM either

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