Morons who steal my laundry detergent.

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  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake
    This just seems common sense to me. Don't leave it in the laundry room.

    I guess the part that makes me most mad is that I used to live in an apartment complex where we all trusted one another to not steal, that I could leave my stuff out and not worry about it for the many years that I lived here, and now these people who moved in are very disrespectful of our property. I think it is between two different families that just moved in, because they have been disrespectful/not following rules of the apartments, and I never had a problem until they moved in.

    I come from a small town where we didn't lock our doors on our houses and cars. When I moved to a bigger city, it was a very unnatural thing to learn. It's sad that you can't just trust people.

  • Princess
    It's sad that you can't just trust people.

    It's sad but a fact of life. I read this thread with amazement that you would actually leave your stuff in the laundry room and not expect others to use or take it. Does anyone else leave their detergent there? Store it in your apartment. Revenge won't solve anything, you will just make enemies in the building you call home, and you will still have to store the non-booby trapped detergent in your apartment.

    Doing laundry sucks enough. Why make it a source of inner turmoil?

  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake
    Does anyone else leave their detergent there?

    Yes! But I buy the expensive stuff (Tide and Snuggle) while the others have huge bulk buckets of cheaper stuff next to their washers.

    I guess if you're gonna steal, you go for the best!

  • hillbilly


    I always enjoy someone who "sneaks" after they have permission anyway.

    Just leave your "empty" supplies down there for a few days... maybe they will get the idea. Or hang around, let them establish a pattern and catch and confront them... any of the solutions offered are fine sport.

    One last though... leave some supplies down there with a note that says "FREE"... they will leave your stuff alone.


  • czarofmischief

    I have set my monitor back a little bit, trying to preserve my eyesight, and it looked like this thread was about MORMONS who stole your laundry detergent. Those white shirted poverty stricken lunatic fringe bastids, coming from the West on the wings of the storm and stealing my laundry detergent... ha ha ha...

    Sorry quotes. The world is the way it is because so many people roll over and take it. Fighting back is the only way to earn respect. Only Roman peace lasts.

    Anyway, if your enemy slaps you on the cheek, smash him on the other and take his wallet. I say, put fish oil in a booby trapped detergent. Their clothes will stink and they'll have to buy their own detergent to wash it - no matter how much of your booby trapped detergent they use, they won't stop stenching like a rabid cooch. (Yep. I said it. There it is. If words make you cry, stay out of the free speech zone. )

    Go forth and conquer.Be prepared for a backlash. Think about what they might try to do in revenge and forestall it. Be prepared to up it to bleach, if you have to, but you will be able to identify your enemy by the scent of the wharf...


  • ballistic

    People will nick anything. We don't those shared laundry rooms over here in England, but if we did, I simply wouldn't leave anything in there.

  • Purza

    I vote for the booby trap. Perhaps the culprits will learn a lesson? Its possible.


  • lisavegas420

    When my children were little I hated going to the laundry mat with them. I found out the the local laundry mat would wash, dry, and fold or hang my clothes for the cost of washing them and an extra five dollars for the service. It saved me tons of time and headache.

    Oh, wait this is about your laundry soap. Um....yea like the others said I carry it back and forth not leave it for some else to snatch up and use.


  • Special K
    Special K

    I also thought it read:

    Mormons who steal my laundry detergent.

    Now, I'm sitting here just laughing and giggling at myself.

    Booby trap sounds good, but is it worth it if this family live in the same building.

    Catching them in the act is good, but kind of hard to accomplish.

    Keeping your laundry detergent and snugly stuff in your apartment will solve the problem.

    Special K

  • avishai

    Here's something non-permanent. Spike your detergent with asian fish sauce. Fairly inexpensive, you can get it in an asian grocery, and at most grocery stores in the asian food section. Extremely pungent, if mixed in your detergent right, they should'nt notice it 'til AFTER the load is done. After a wash with regular unspiked detergent, the clothes should be fine.

    That or just pee in the detergent. Then write a note on your bottle that that's what you did next time it's likely to be stolen.

    Edited to add, this likely would only work with LIQUID detergent.

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