Does Belgium Have it Right About JWs?

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  • outbutnotdown


    My, my, my, my, my............... Not once did I suggest that we should ban the JW's or any other religion. I am in complete agreement with your opinion that it would only push them further into their shell, causing them to shout even louder that they are the chosen ones. When organizations use circular reasoning, like the dubs do, (i.e. we (WTBTS) are teaching radical teachings, that the rest of society feels is unsafe and unfair for innocent children, for example, but that we have proven is what God wants, and when they persecute us it proves even more that we are the chosen religion, since God has also said (out of context) that his true followers would be persecuted) it only reinforces what, IMO is delusional thinking.

    I am the best looking guy in the world and every person who thinks otherwise is just jealous........ is that likely?.... absolutely not, but that is basically the crux of the JW (and other high-control religions) teaching.

    The main point that I am trying to make about this whole Belgian thing is that they are dealing with these high-control religions pretty well and pretty fairly. It's like the theory that a lot of people say that governments should legalize drugs (at least relatively safe ones) and we could use the tax from it, to better the rest of the country in other ways. Better, since people are going to use drugs anyway, for the majority of the people to benefit from the profits, rather than just the few "criminals" who profit from it now.

    If religions, by their basic tenents, seem willing to take freedoms away from their followers, then why shouldn't the gov't take tax advantages, for example, away from them?


  • outbutnotdown


    You are right!! I am not a doctor. That's why I suggested that you go to see one, but while you are there, looking into whether you are paranoid delusional, it seems like you should get some help with your anger, too, especially towards women, since you seem a little too comfortable blaming this entire Belgium government action on "some silly housewife".


  • Narkissos

    Before the blonde jokes came over we used to have belgian jokes here in France. This could be one of them:

    belgium is making ground in the direction of comunism

    Seriously, I think the only consistent and practical policy is the complete suppression of State subventions and tax exemptions to any religious group. No ban, no discrimination, no violation of religious freedom: it is just not fair to have any citizen paying for it. The general policy in France (with the exception of Alsace-Lorraine) is much closer to that, although it can still be improved (especially when religious activities are hidden under charities).

    The problem of education is a much harder one. Why pick up on religious beliefs and practice in custody issues when no one cares about what happens within "united families"? Yet almost everybody on this board knows there is a big problem for children with JW education (for instance).

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    to all the posters on this thread and others: that say the jw's should be able to preach what every they want etc. i hope next week your not complaining about some jw or wt directives. etc. so next time you post how much your pissed , about shunning , df'ed etc. remember, you said they should be able to legally teach what they want. don't be a hypocrate... john

  • Xena

    I don't enjoy being shunned johnny but I recognize my family's right to do so if that is what they believe. Are you able to see the difference there?

    Seriously, I think the only consistent and practical policy is the complete suppression of State subventions and tax exemptions to any religious group. No ban, no discrimination, no violation of religious freedom: it is just not fair to have any citizen paying for it.
  • shamus
    It would be better for you canadians to accept the fact that us in the united states are not going to give up our guns because you appear to be paranoid delusional and you have no solutions that warrant any merit here in the US . I suggest you stay in canada with your crack addicts and no gun .

    I just had to laugh at this comment.

    Just to let you know, 99 percent of Canadians could give a shit about the United States gun laws. You see, most up here don't care what happens down there, especially on this non-issue. Loads own guns up here, too.

    So I'll just be off to the neighbours to smoke some crack, you generalizing ass.

  • heathen

    LOL at the belgium women and blonde women jokes comparrison .

    outbutnotdown--- I think your comments are both out and down much like your brain wave activity . You again missed the point . Now let's take the issue nice and slow and please don't smoke crack before reading the rest of what is going to be said . Now then here is a simple question , Who is likely to go to the government about preventing ex husbands from talking about the WTBTS with their kids ? Once you work that one out let me know and we can take the little bus out for a ride.

    Shamus --- Glad you got a laugh out of it .

  • outbutnotdown

    LOL @ Heathen,

    Ok, I apologize. You are just disrespectful to anyone who's point of view differs from yours..... it is not just women you hate...... it's everybody who is against you and since almost everybody has a different opinion than you, they are therefore all out to get you and against you, in your opinion. But hey, some paranoid delusional people live long and delusionally happy lives.

    Let me know how that doctor appt. goes. Until then, I'll dedicate my time to people who would at least respect my viewpoints, even if they feel that theirs may be more enlightened. Those of us who admit that we are wrong, ironically, lead happeir lives you know.


  • ezekiel3

    So Franklin, does deceptive recruiting and mind control give a person the opportunity to really choose what he/she WANTS?

    Xena says: but I recognize my family's right to do so if that is what they believe

    Xena: What about those JW teenagers/children who shun you, do they have a choice in what they believe?

    Freedom of religion does not mean freedom to enslave others in a doctrine by deceptive recruiting and mind control. Study up on cults and get back to me with a qualified opinion.

  • czarofmischief
    delusionally happy lives

    Most happiness is delusional from somebody's point of view.

    As far as banning religion or restricting it (which is what taxation accomplishes), I am incontrovertibly opposed to it. People ARE free to worship as they please, and nothing the government can or should do to restrict it is meaningful. hmm, how can we allow dubs the freedom to be dubs, but still get the word out about how the things work?

    But I agree the deceptive recruiting tactics and the pressure are unacceptable. What is the best way to overcome it?

    Maybe some kind of centralized information bank on what particular religions believe and how they actually treat their flock. Maybe where ex-members and current members can meet in anonymity and compare notes. Where escapees can communicate across borders and past all attempts at control. Where support is available 24 / 7. Where the religion is free to try to convert, but the opposition is free to comment on everything they do. Maybe access could be cheap and democratic.

    Oh wait... I'm starting to sound familiar...


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