Pathological fears?

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  • pettygrudger

    <----won't list her pathological fears because then SATAN would know!

    Just wanted to say "HI" Brummie - big hugs! Hope everything's going well in your world!

  • myauntfanny

    I'm not sure if it's pathological but I do really hate wasps. I really can't relax at all with them around, and it was a bad summer for wasps. When they come I leap around swatting them and trying to run away, which of course makes them mad. I seemed to have transferred this fear directly to my daughter, yippee. Between the two of us, me jumping around like a flea on a hotplate and her shrieking "wasp" at random intervals (whether there's an actual wasp there or not), there's really no point going on a picnic with us. We are zero fun.

  • dh

    fried button mushrooms

    what's worse is that they are even scary when they aren't fried...

  • BrendaCloutier

    I have a little claustraphobia that comes on in the strangest places - like snorkeling - feeling closed in by the mask, and limited oxegen.

    I'm not afraid of heights at all. I am very much afraid of falling. As long as I feel even the slightest bit secure, I'm fine. Example: Riding up on a ski lift is fine. Getting off on that ramp at the end is a killer for me.

    I developed deformed feet (pes cavis) while growing up, and had a difficult time with balance, so I was always falling. On flat ground, up or down stairs. I still have difficulty with walking DOWN long staircases.

    Snorkeling this phobia came up also, because the "ground" was so far below me and I was floating insecurely above it!

    Spiders, snakes, lizzards, rodents, bugs... bring 'em on! I held a beautiful and large tarantual when we were in Mexico last winter. Really kewl creature! So docile. He enjoyed being petted. Kevan just couldn;'t even look because of his arachniphobia.



  • Brummie

    I just wrote a reply to each of you and when I posted it couldnt connect and I lost the whole darn thing :(

    i'll get back at ya

    thanks peeps

  • frankiespeakin

    I really don't know what my fears are. Maybe I fear death but not to any great degree.

    I did some heavy tripping and for a while(about 4weeks and gradually tapering off) it was weird because I lost about 98% of my fears and I still had a fear doing something bad or stupid,, because my fears, were so subdued. I had lot of energy and provoked some people one guy threaten me with some gang violence and wanted me to fight him. I had enough sense to manipulate him to just mind his own business and don't mess with me. It was wierd because I was regressing in my mind to when I was a teenager and it was exactly what I used to act like before becomming a JW. The JWs mellowed me and them made me fear death more and more,,to go back to those more fearless days taught me something,,Fear is basically,, good,, it is a mechanism that is supposed to protect us but sometimes it gets alittle ahead of itself and causes great unnessary pain. I think it will be gone from the Human race as they evolve more. I don't know if the brain will get bigger or just become more connected to the universe though "spooky action at a distance" Maybe the electromagneting waves as well as other types of faster than light communication,,produced by our minds connects us to something far grander than we can think about. And so as we more and more connected the more fear doesn't screw us up but gets tuned some how.

  • SAHS

    I have always had a terrible fear of going under general anesthesia. Just the very idea of involuntarily surrendering consciousness like that gives me anxiety.

    When I had all four of my wisdom teeth out, I just had local freezing with sedation. Also, when I had an operation for a broken bone, I just had a ?spinal tap? with sedation. Both times, it worked so well that I couldn?t imagine doing it any other way. I don?t care about hearing noises, or even a bit of pain?just don?t make me go unconscious! It?s just too darn much like dying!

    Also, I?ve heard about some people sort of waking up during surgery and feeling paralyzed because of the muscle relaxants, and not being able to scream because of the breathing tube. To me, that would be the most horrifying thing. Plus, what if I had to have surgery and died, and it turned out that the Catholics were right, and I ended up in purgatory or hell?

    ?SAHS (of the hoping-I-never-get-appendicitis class)

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