How To Personally Defeat the Watchtower, Lurkers!

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  • DaCheech

    I am neither right now, but as my kids grow I will go for option 2.

    Can't let/make them get baptized!

  • bebu

    Both options have good points.

    What I find difficult about option 2 is that you find yourself strapped: You still must continue appearances, and you might worry about who would see you if you decide to stretch and excercise the freedom you want. Sometimes the shock and trials that are brought upon families by a DF or a DA magnifies the cold reality behind WT policy, and this can cause questioning.

    Fading is not for everyone, as there is a great deal of discipline in fading. Yet I think most people need to do SOME fading, before they break away, even if for a short time, so that they may exert whatever influences they can while their voices are still heard.

    If your motives are good (living genuinely/working toward a higher goal) then either option can work. It all can work for good.


  • TheOldHippie

    Fading, or as I prefer, being passively present, also has the great advantage of being able to communicate / keep up the "small-scale-quasi-friendship" with the low ones in the congregation, the ones almost unnoticed, in short the NICE ones, the ones who are not struggling to move upwards and onwards, but who just ARE there. You can keep up with the news, from time to time you in fact get to listen to a - rare but - good lecture, you can read the - few but - good articles in the magazines, - few but - good chapters of some of the books, and can take part in the occasional gatherings.

    Being passively present is my cup of tea, 'cause there is still so much good in the basic theology that I am not yet throwing the baby out with the hot tub water.

  • Terry

    My best friend, Johnny, practically begged me to get reinstated so that I could fade and we could have our lunch meetings without danger to him!

    He just doesn't see how SICK that sounds, does he?

    What a religion!!

  • Annanias

    observador, My ex and I had split up (not yet divorced). She had whined and kept the two youngest kids. Brothers came by in droves to see if my ex needed any help, no invitation, just "bing bong" on the doorbell and there they are. One guy would just stop by and start cutting the grass for her. (Gotta take care of those widows, y'see) One of them was the son of the PO of the congo. The PO wanted her for his son so bad and so obviously that it sickened my daughter. Anyhow, my daughter stops going to the meetings, and then my son walks out of the meeting, never to return. You can count on no fingers the number of times any of the "brothers" came by to check on why my children were suddenly missing from the congo. Real spiritual concern there. But they never stopped comming by to see if my ex needed anything. And she does have nice tits. You do the math.

  • Goldminer

    My nephew is one of those trying to fade.He was so held back growing up,now he's practically out of control.It's sad to see a smart kid with no education or any direction in life cause the "end"was always right around the corner.He told me once his mother(my sister)preached to him so much he doesn't want to hear anything anymore.Anyways he moved out as soon as he could so he could be free but he's like a lost little boy,being raised to go out in service,do talks,comment at meetings(all so dad can get promoted),and made to feel special cause he was on mikes.Another kid going through the wts purgatory...and you thought purgatory didn't exist.LOL.

  • BluesBrother

    Perrennial question, do you fade or walk?

    I can see no value in d/s oneself. You volunteer to be shunned, avoided and treated like dirt by the Pharasaic dubs. If you have s fire in your belly to speak out, then better to tell your brothers what you now know - and give the elders some work to do and then drag it out to an appeal and make their life really difficult.

    I never dealt with a case of apostasy, but I recall when once or twice a brewing judicial situation was solved by the accused persons dissassociating. We were so relieved ! job done already.

  • Elsewhere

    I wonder what would happen if any of the anonymous people here announced their "true" identities using the names and cities of the elders or other JWs who did things to hurt them.

    I can just imagine what the JC would be like...

    JC: Brother X, we have come into some information that you are actually an apostate who actively posts on apostate web sites.

    Brother X:

  • mysterio91

    I did the fade... I think it has worked out nicely. My JW family members are always trying to encourage me to come back. This gives me excellent opportunities to "ask questions" that only makes them think harder about JW propaganda. My latest was "How do we (and I still use the word we... it shows my good intentions...haha) get to the year 1914??. I couldn't do this if I was DF'd.

  • FairMind

    Elsewhere! Why would those of us who are still active JW's cut our own throats? Unpleasentness is something I try to avoid with a passion.


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