Men and their size........

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  • morty

    Say Valis, is the pornography the eye candy you were talking about??

  • kls

    I am not a big tv watcher but when i do i watch Medical and Historical events from the past. Love watching shows on Mummies and ancient Egypt

  • morty

    I just love the TLC channel and the game show channels....I also like the old 70's and 80's sitcom shows....The Dukes of Hazard...Three's Company....Sanford & Son....

  • Princess
    We had to get a new TV this year, and I bought a 36" one. It didn't fit in the armoire, so we moved it downstairs and bought another 27" for the living room. We have a 21" in our bedroom, and a 5" in the kitchen. For two people, that is a lot of TV's. How did I ever manage before?

    We could have used an extra one all those years ago when Monday Night Football lost out to Little House on the Prairie. Of course we would have been fighting over who gets to watch the 36" and who gets stuck with the 27" I only let my kids watch one hour a day and unless the weather is bad, they hardly ever watch it. Steve and I have it on in the evenings after 8 but usually one of us is on the computer. I like to watch Survivor, South Park, old Mash re-runs, some new shows like ER... Now on the weekend mornings, our TVs are smoking hot with cartoons! We never got to watch weekend cartoons so I let the kids go crazy.

  • Sassy

    my man wants a bigger tv too.. it was a priority before he moved in.. but we haven't had the money and I know my 20" tv drives him crazy

  • Mulan
    We never got to watch weekend cartoons so I let the kids go crazy.

    Hmmmm, now why was that?

  • rocketman
    I don't have a TV. I like having a quiet living room.

    SNG, were you ever used for demos at jw assemblies? They'd love a guy who has no TV.

  • morty

    How come no tv for you Princess??

    To busy putting in your time card??

  • gaiagirl

    I watched a 13" screen for years, until I purchased a DVD player. The old set didn't have the proper connections on the back for video and audio cables, so I bought a 27" Sanyo, and I'm quite happy with it. The flat LCD screens are intriguing, but I have little desire for one at this time. Perhaps someday, when the current set wears out, I'll get a wall screen like the ones in Farenheit 451......

  • bull01lay

    My wife hated big tv's, until I upgraded to a Toshiba 32" widescreen - the 'picture frame' style ones with a very slim surround. Looks the biz!!

    That coupled to a Sony DAV-SC8 - the sound quality is absoultely awesome!!!!


    ... now all I need to do is go home and tidy up so I can find a seat to watch it from! LOL!

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