Men and their size........

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  • morty

    T.V's that is.....

    Why must men have the biggest tv they can cram in the living room?

    I figured we had a nice size for now. It is a 36 inch. Now I have been told we need a bigger one.He wants a 52 incher now. I am totally voted out in the house hold as the two boys are right behind him....

    What is the size of your tube???

    Morty of the always voted out in the eletronics department class

  • catchthis

    We use a 60" 16x9 widescreen in the entertainment room with a little 27" in the living room. When it comes to size, bigger IS better with regards to televisions. But you also cannot skimp out on picture quality. Monsters Inc. looks a little too real with our setup.

  • rocketman

    I own a 27", and I am not in the market for anything larger, because my eyes bother me so as it is. But, my next TV (someday) will likely be a High Definition model, and I'll almost have to buy a larger size. But with a sharper picture, it should be less hard on my eyes. My right eye bothers me when I look at any kind of screen for any length of time.

    Many men fall into the 'bigger is better' mode that seems so common, esp in the US. To find out what screen size he really needs, it's a matter of doing a little measuring and math, as explained here.

  • myauntfanny

    Mine wants to get a beamer and project on the wall. He thinks it will be great for watching the World Cup.

  • El blanko
    El blanko

    Multiplayer Halo & Mario Kart look better

  • Terry

    I'm waiting for widescreen High Definition Tv to drop in price to about 300 bucks and then I'll step up from the 27" we have in the den.

    I'm more into SOUND than picture anyway.


  • ballistic

    The TV next to my computer which Im watching now is 4". I watch films on it and everything. It doesnt need an aerial or cable connection but has a perfect picture.

  • morty

    Wow Ball....4 inchs...

    He would maybe be happy with that size, if it was in the bathroom...

  • Nosferatu

    I've got a 19". Actually, it's in the bedroom. When my wife moved in, she brought her TV (I think it's 27"). She wants to get a bigger one. Personally, I really don't care since I don't watch TV. Hell, I'd be happy with my 14" Commodore 64 monitor. The thing has a crystal clear picture.

  • Markfromcali

    Actually the answer is the same as the one for the male organ - better sensory stimulation. Well, maybe pride has something to do with it too, to show off and the like.

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