Men and their size........

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  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    The price of the magic box comes down $90.00 to where you can have one in every room,they work out all the bugs...

    Now they want to change to $3,000 flats

  • harleyquinn

    actually, in my household i'm the one who wants a bigger tv...we have a 36 in the living room, a 36 in the bedroom and a 19 in the office...but i want bigger, better, more...!! haha

  • Princess

    We've had the same 27" TV for over 15 years. Dumb thing won't break.

    I figured when it did finally break, we'd just move the newer 27" TV from our room down to the family room. Apparently Steve has bigger ideas...

    We also have a Sony Watchman somewhere. It's about a 2" screen on a cord that you can wear around your neck.

  • morty

    I should also mention that we have a total of 5 tvs already in the house...

    We have the 36' in the living room, 27' in our bedroom,the kids both have 19's in their rooms and the another 27' in the basement ( floor model)...

    He wants to take the 36' out to the trailer and have this big huge honkin thing ( the 52 inch) in the living room.

    Is it true that the picture on a tv this big can be poor? I have heard if the sun is shinning in on the tv, you cannot see the picture very good at all. I also want to know, what are these big tvs like for cleaning?

    Thanks for all your tv info....

  • kls

    Swell Morton . You got me all excited over the size of a TV?,,,,I have a 37 but would like to go bigger,BIGGER.

  • jwbot

    Its not always the men...

    I convinced Mike to skip the plasma, we are going to get a digital projector instead. Think about it, I can hook my laptop up to it, play DVD's but not only that...the FREE movies I download!! And it will be as big as a wall!!!! OMG. I want surround sound too.... I love movies and media...I just do not have the $$ to keep up :(

    Whats funny is that Mike and I have 3 TV's in the house. 6 monitors in all (he has 1 computer monitor and I have 2). Each of us have surround sound on our computers..etc. *sits back* ahhh this is the life...

  • Valis

    jwbot...imagine how much fun you could have with laptop & projector at a convention...


    District Overbeer

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I have a 42" HD widescreen. It is great and the right size for my living room.


  • candidlynuts

    tv size dont matter but as i get oldrer and my eyeballs keep deciding to go on strike a bigger puter monitor is on the wish list! fonts only GET SO BIG....i thought my eyes werent supposed to do this till after i hit 40..thats still over 2 mos away dangit!

  • ballistic

    I also refuse to have a monitor bigger than 17" for game playing as you are slower at noticing things in your peripheral vision. You only have a very narrow angle of vision which you are directly concious of, the rest is just kind of "filled in" by the brain. I guess this is the science bit the screen manufacturers don't want you to know. If someone is sniping me at the edge of my vision, I don't want to move my neck or eyes to see it.

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