The end of this system in 2005?

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  • squinks

    Wow! I just had the best idea. Since the WT can change the date of stuff that already happened-like the fall of Jerusalem, maybe they could change my birthday. I would love to be 18 again. I would go to college and find a cure for something and drink beer.

  • squinks

    o and Ezekial yu are funny

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    You know ..its funny,i dont believe a word of it all,but i still get a shiver down my spine when i read threads like this.....

  • Netty

    They just want to be right.

    The more dates they pick, they are eventually bound to be right. When it happens they can say, "see we picked THAT date" Nevermind they also picked ONE HUNDRED other dates. The more dates they pick, the better odds they have of being right.

  • ballistic

    I think there will be a lot of leaving in 2015.

  • bebu

    I agree, Netty.

    Remember the episode of Cheers, when Kristi Alley's character Rebecca agreed to go on a date with Sam. Sam got so excited, and told the bartender 'coach' something like, "Look! I knew it was going to happen! I wrote it down on paper this morning that she was going to go on a date with me... See? Here it says, 'Rebecca will agree to go on a date with me today. Dated x/x/xx'"

    Coach is astonished. "That's amazing! You wrote that down on paper this morning?"

    "Yes... and every morning..."


  • glitter

    Does anyone else secretly hope they start pushing a date again? I mean, any excuse for a massive apostate party on Armageddon Night! :D

  • NeonMadman

    Here's a thread I started on this very topic about a year and a half my opening post thereon, I summarized the lines of reasoning that were offered to me as evidence for Armageddon in 2005:

    I really have to wonder whether these elaborate scenarios are really being generated by the "grass roots" or if they are being leaked from Bethel in order to generate some frenzy among the rank and file.

  • shamus


    Still need dates... what losers.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    This whole Generation BS [belief system] is based on a false reading of what Jesus said....

    Jesus, in matthew 24 was addressing his own disciples and looking them straight in the temporal eye told THEM that THIS GENERATION will not pass away.... a phrase found 9 other times and in each time Jesus was always contrasting those ALIVE seeing him then and there with those from other ages who did not get the chance to see him.

    Jesus told them that ALL these things which were centered around the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem, would happen in THEIR life time....

    that it did not is not our fault, but the fact that believers cannot accept that Jesus was not who they wrote him up to be, if he existed he and actually spoke those words he was a false prophet...more likely he never existed at all and was just a mythical being whos mythical pronouncements are still being mythologized as applying to what they likely were never intended to apply to.

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