Do You Still Think & Act Like A Witness??

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  • Xena
    ..And as someone whom I once had a high opinion of so wisely said, once you call anyone a nazi you've lost the argument

    tis true...I think once you resort to any type of name it loser, elder, nazi, have lost your agrument. If you can recognize that and see it for what it empty attempt to inflame you and cause you to lose your temper (thereby losing the thread of YOUR agrument) then you have moved past it.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    No, I no longer think or act like a JW.

    I am a card carrying .....heathen

  • FairMind

    I suppose in many ways I still think like many other JWs (I'm still active). I still believe in and pray to Jehovah. I still believe we are in the last days based on visible evidence and not a date. I've long since stopped judging or criticizing people who are not JWs. I've lost faith in the WTBS (again based on what I've seen and experienced) and no longer believe that they or any other organization I know of can legitimately lay claim to exclusive use by God. I know that true Christians are obligated to preach the Good News of God's kingdom "as described in the Bible" bur feel that this is not the real motive behind what the WTBTS has it's members doing.

    In a nutshell, I'm confused, but I don't think that giving up on Jehovah is the answer (giving up on the organization, yes).


  • dh

    to be honest, i haven't noticed many people acting like jw's on here... for myself i don't think i think or act like a jw, but i don't think i thought or acted like a jw even when i was a jw, it was just doing the actions by way of routine. i left when i was quite young.

    i do think certain aspects of being a jw must have come through, maybe others can point them out better than i can.

  • minimus

    If you "act like a Witness" it's probably because you are angry, stupid, mad or in denial.

  • teejay

    In some ways... yeah, probably. But I have a good excuse.

    It would be impossible for me NOT to think like a Witness. I were one for 30 yrs.

  • minimus

    teejay----YOU, my friend, understand the point.

  • Maverick

    F******K NO! Mav

  • BrendaCloutier

    I no longer think nor act like a witness. Been out too long - approx 27 years.

    I don't like to label myself as anything but human - a lover, not a fighter (though I do a good job of throwing things when I'm angry).

    For me as for many, the pendulum swings. As a goody-goody (but nice and well-liked) daughter of an elder and PO, I swung to drunkeness and debauchery, doing almost everything I wasn't supposed to do (t'was fun while it lasted). Then I had to sober up and wise up, or die.

    Today I'm a nice person. My beliefs and many actions would qualify me for disfellowshipping. But I don't give a rats arse! Today I'm me - finally!



  • BrendaCloutier

    FairMind - I admire you. In your confusion, you are a wise person.

    Welcome to the board


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