Do You Still Think & Act Like A Witness??

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  • minimus

    He's just a wannabe.

  • FlyingHighNow
    He's just a wannabe.

    Nah, Mike's smart. He knows elders have to put in all that time, blood, sweat and tears with no pay.


  • minimus

    As long as he's healthy!

  • FlyingHighNow
    As long as he's healthy!

    Yep, I hear he has a big bo bo. (pronounced boe boe, I lived in cajun country when I was a kid).


  • Terry

    The ventriloquist's dummy has a hand up its butt and somebody else talks on its behalf.

    If that hand is removed the dummy will collapse.

    Until a JW finds a substitute for that missing hand--what are they to do? Collapse? Many do.

    A dummy remains a dummy. But, a person who removes the invisible mystical hand up his butt and starts thinking for himself soon finds that life in the real world has real possibilities.

    It is the non-dummy (ex-dummy) who must discover what life has to offer. They have to throw away the old tool-kit, which is only good for fantasy and mythos, and replace it with real tools.

    A remodeling job has to happen. It is hard work. You can't just reassemble the old parts and expect it to work. You have to replace every damned thing with a real part.

    The real trick to it is finding a blueprint. Escaping the addiction to invisible sources of wisdom is the first hurdle. It is easy to jump from the mystical frying pan into the mystical fire.

    Education is the only answer.

    Facts must replace mythos.

    Data replaces wishful-thinking.

    Letting go of the Disneyland pass means spending time in the real world with real thoughts about real things. Fantasy is for dependant children.

  • Odrade

    Depends on what you mean by the question. If you are asking if I have moral standards like what was supposed to be standard as JWs, then yes.

    If you are asking if I still act like the self-righteous prick I was as a JW, then I hope to God (or whoever) no. My beliefs and opinions in no way resemble what they were as a JW, so in that respect I do NOT think like a JW. But if I had to disappear in a crowd of JWs I could do it, though it would probably kill me to have to put on the flowered dress, pantyhose and sensible shoes again.

    Mike, I'm glad you didn't accuse ALL newbie ex's of bitching about the admin being "elders" in another venue. I know for one I never did. besides, I think that's much more a function of being formerly unfamiliar with the workings of large discussion boards than being a recent xjw. (Sorry, my personal soapbox.)


  • Englishman
    Yeah, but he's an admin. They get accused of being like elders from time to time. So there.

    Well yeah, but, did you know that in non-religious discussion boards the term "elder" is replaced by the word "Nazi"?

    ..And as someone whom I once had a high opinion of so wisely said, once you call anyone a nazi you've lost the argument.


  • FlyingHighNow
    And as someone whom I once had a high opinion of so wisely said

    Did he/she goof up and call YOU a nazi?

    Hey, how's your bo bo healing?

  • Preston

    I still pray to "Jehovah"

  • boa

    As one poster described, people would not assume I was a witness if they saw me now. I am finding it hard in real life to find just how outspoken I should be. Or,just how unworried I should be about what others think of me. This leads to some unbalanced words and actions but generally I'm going the right way. As a dub I was very concerned what others thought and paid the price in stress.

    As for the morality game, I don't believe in a personal god nor do I follow the bible or jesus. I'm makin up the rules as I go and have kept some things dubs do that are simply reflections of a bible based morality system. Other things do not matter to me anymore and so I've dumped them. I am struggling to settle down with a new set of internal 'rules', but its only been about 7 mnths out so I don't stress/fret it too much, its all coming together slowly. I've left out details of what those things all are because, Who Cares? I'm just one insignificant ant in the hill with a jillion people like me or similar.

    Oh btw....I got drunk last night....but thats something that never really bothered me as a dub anyway


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