Gall Bladder....Is yours in or out?

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  • Emiliano

    Hi there.

    I have a word of advice. If your Gall Ballader has stones or is giving you problems I would probably have it removed.

    My mother had three cesareans births so understanbly the last thing she wanted, was to go under the knife another time. She complaind about her Gall Bladder for over 30 years. She tried all kinds of homeopathic cures, remedies and medications to no avail. Her problem seemed to be something annoying she decided to live with. On June 2nd 1997 she went to the hospital with a terrible pain in her abodomen and she was urinating a very dark color, her skin turned yellow. Two days later we got the news that she got Gall Bladder Cancer! They said that there was nothing they could do for her the cancer had spread all around her intestins and other parts of her body. They referred us to hospice and said her days were short. She passed away July 9th 1997. With the short time left I took her to Mexico City to visit our relatives and to look for some alterntive medical cure. There was nothing that could help. Her health started to go down hill quickly, we got on a plane back to the States and she died on my arms 5 minutes before the pilot could land the plane.

    If she had had her Gall Bladder removed years earlyer her Gall Bladder could not have gotten Cancer.

    My mother left the JWs six months after my sister and I left. We were just starting to expirence a closer relationship than we had ever had being in the Org. She was starting to celebrate life. We had one Christmas, we were able to each have one Birthday, Give her one Mother's day and then she died.

    No one, from the 30 yrs in the org. went to her funeral. I had to get in an argument with my dad for him to go. My brother wore shorts to her funeral My dad wore a wrinkled guayavera shirt.Its disgusting to know how many suits they have to wear to their meetings every week and this one instance when we all show up for our last respects to mom the absolutley no respect for the life she shared with them. They both (father and brother) and my brothers childern walked out when the Pastor started to talk about her new beliefs and how she was absent from the body but present with the Lord.

    I feel that the Watchtower is also a type of Cancer. A Cancer that destorys family bonds.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl


    The remedy my Mother tried was also like Frannie's, just a slightly different quantity. It also worked, and she did not have to have her gall bladder out. I don't think she had such a great diet at the time. She mixed 1/2 cup of lemon juice (although you can also use apple cider vinegar) with 1 cup of warm olive oil (sounds like salad dressing to me) and sipped on it til it was gone. Then you lay on your right side with your right leg crooked and the other leg straight and stay that way all night. The stones should pass by morning. Bleck... the pain must be very intense. This is a picture of what gall stones look like. Nasty little buggers aren't they?

    Country Girl

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