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    I hardly know where to begin! I am pleased that Sara won't be having any contact (for now) with Nancy, and that Nancy is accepting that, as well as doing so well with her therapy. My love and best to you both.

    I am thrilled that you have decided to go into child advocacy! It is frustrating, time-consuming, nights of sleeplessness and hopping up out of bed to write something down, when you think of a law or by-law that you couldn't think of for two days that then comes to you-----BUT the rewards are unsurpassable!

    When you KNOW in your heart that something you have done has helped another child, or call attention to laws that are outdated or that no longer apply----and it is changed due to your efforts---there isn't a more terrific feeling!

    It takes guts and courage and getting in people's faces, but it is so WORTH it when you know what you are working towards is right! Especially when defenseless kids (and sometimes clueless parents) are involved.

    I wasn't trained for this, but having a child in the Special Education system drove me to DO something! I was in this field for years, and 've got a flat spot on my head from banging it against the wall to prove it, LOL! It all started for me the same way---getting fed up with the way rules and regulations were being ignored and that children and their rights were being trounced on royally. I saw the "administration" I dealt with not doing (by federal law) what they were required to do in their "positions", and having to sit there and take it.

    I had more than a few people totally dislike me and were rather hostile, even when I'd pull out the federal lawbook (surprise--I wasn't supposed to have THAT!) and prove where their failings were and that I expected to see an improvement soon or the press would be notified. I was fair but firm, after all---they were the ones at fault and most parents had no idea either.

    One advocacy workshop I attended stuck out in my mind, and the slogan was "PESTER POWER"......You constantly pester the pants out of those in administrative capacities and don't give up until you see results on their doing what they were supposed to be doing all along! We all got a fridge magnet that had that slogan on it---as a reminder! It WORKS!

    Things that should have been implemented five years ago will not come about tomorrow, but at least you'll be plugging away to see that they ARE set into motion. It is very satisfying when you see even just a tiny dent in the mountain of beaurocracy! I wish you every success, and knowing you as I have from reading all your posts---you'll achieve something great! Hands down!



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    I've been following your story, I'm glad your daughter is on the road to recovery. I think you wanting to help other JW children is an AWESOME idea. I have 5 young cousins stuck in the cult, and I worry about what will happen when they screw up like normal kids do and their parents turn their back on them. Two of them have already left home, and I worry about how they will function in the real world when they've been taught to fear it all of their lives. I have so much respect for what you are doing for your girls. Please continue to keep us updated.


  • BrendaCloutier

    Corvin, thank you so much for the update. Been worried and praying for you.

    It is normal and natural for Nancy to be upset by the no-contact order between her and her mother. After all, it is her MOTHER, whether she is a good one or not.

    This will pass: baby steps, sometimes giant steps.

    I'm glad you see your calling to help other abused JW kids.

    Sans the JW indoctrination, I was treated fairly by my adoptive parents. The had reasonable heads on their shoulders. And for this I am grateful.

    Hugs and love


  • Soledad

    If only there were more parents like you Corvin!!

    thanks for the update and take care

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