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  • Corvin

    Just want everyone to know that I am doing OK. Those of you who have expressed concern that you have not heard from me in a while, well, thanks, but it hasn?t been that long. My last update was either yesterday or Thursday.

    I feel terribly overwhelmed at present. It is a nightmare but there is lots of hope, and so far, things are going in the right direction for the kids.

    Right now, I am typing up some information to give to the court appointed attorney acting in behalf of my children. Again, he is the guy that the judge uses for really tough cases and this is one of them. The attorney will be interviewing everyone from CPS workers to doctors, from therapists to all the family members to get to the bottom of this matter. The hearing is set for two weeks from now. In the meantime, the judge has ordered that Sara make absolutely NO CONTACT with our children.

    This NO CONTACT thing was rough on Nancy when she first learned of it, but there was no other choice. Things cannot continue as they were and I think deep down, Nancy knows this. She simply does not want anything bad to happen to her mom, and she would feel responsible if it did. Meanwhile, Nancy is learning skills and tools for dealing with life and her family and we are looking forward to a fresh start with her.

    This situation has brought me to the conclusion that I must become an advocate for the rights of abused JW children. I must keep doing something for the other children still going through it even after my own children are safe and on their way to a better life. I am already considering the direction I will go and it seems to be the right course at this point. Watching my kids go through this has brought back so many of my own childhood memories I had pushed down for so long and I shudder sometimes.

    I?ve been jolted awake; I mean really awake.

    To all the rest who have come out of the nightmare that is the WTBTS, thank you for your love and support.

    Best Regards,


  • FlyingHighNow

    Hi Corvin,

    My heart really goes out to you. Thank you for updating us. Your standing up for your children the way you are will bolster them for the rest of their lives. All daughters should have such love from their fathers. You are very inspiring.



  • dh
    My heart really goes out to you. Thank you for updating us. Your standing up for your children the way you are will bolster them for the rest of their lives. All daughters should have such love from their fathers. You are very inspiring.


  • hubert

    Good to hear from you, Corvin.

    Using your experience to help other j.w. kids along with your own is wonderful news.

    Sending you the best.


  • Netty

    ((((Corvin & family))))

    Please hang in there! You are doing the best thing you can possibly to for your children. Good news on the order the judge issued for your wife to stay away for atwo weeks. I think this means things will go in your direction, when the final judgement is issued.

    Take Care


  • Sunnygal41

    (((Corvin and Family)))

    It sounds as if great good, beyond your own family sphere is going to come of this difficult situation. As I read your words, it made me feel like you've had a spiritual awakening of sorts and found an important life's work for yourself.........that is an awesome moment, I'm sure........coming to a realization of what we can do in this life to help others. I think you'll make a wonderful advocate, as you are absolutely fearless, passionate, compassionate, and a very skilled communicator. I'm glad children will have someone like you fighting for them.


  • morty

    (((((Corvin & Family))))))))

    What a remarkable father you are......

    Some times being a parent is the toughest job in the world and the pay sucks but your doing what is right....supporting our children is where it has to be.....She may not understand the hurt your feeling right now but, later on in life you will be her hero...daddy at her side.....

    If I see a smile on my kids face thrown my way everyday, then I know I am doing something right...

    Keep up your hard work.....Your a wonderful dad....


  • Gretchen956

    Corvin, you da bomb! Good to hear that you have found a way to make a contribution, a meaningful one! Not everyone is as blessed.


  • jwbot

    Corvin, you seem like a wonderful father and I would feel very fortunate to have a father like you.

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Hello Corvin and thanks for the update. I agree you'll make an excellent advocate for children, so all the best in that undertaking!

    I feel for Nancy and I'm so glad she has you! Isn't it so often the case that abused children cling to the abusing parent in one way or another? It must be very hard for her but with all the support she's receiving hopefully she'll get through this without too much more trauma!

    Love and best wishes to you and your family.

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