5 Jehovah's Witnesses Die in Plane Crash

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  • bisous

    unconscionable and in fact you have lowered yourself to their level, wishing death upon others if they haven't ascribed to your beliefs. blech.

  • dh

    not to be the one playing devils advocate, but though death is supposedly the enemy of all of us, i understand attila's reasoning, that the deaths of these jw's will definitely prevent them from spreading jw poison and possibly ruining lives and possibly leading to abuse. not that i agree or disagree with 'good riddance', i didn't know these people personally and i really don't care because it doesn't effect me.

    what am i saying? (i wonder sometimes) thankfully i was not abused or hurt as a jw, this being the case i don't have any reason to have deep venomous hate, BUT, this being said, i can understand the mindset of a person who was abused at the hand of jw's not having any mercy or sympathy for them, i think the system that has abused them gives them the right to that view.

    i don't know if attila was abused or not, (i don't recall any of his previous posts) but i don't think comments like that are unreasonable if he was a victim of abuse or has had experiences with jw's that have made him have such hate. humans have the right to hate those who have hurt them... yes maybe his comments were both tasteless & tactless, and maybe they should have been deleted from the forum, but all he did was write what a lot of people will think when they read this topic.

    the defence rests.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    the defence sucks.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i can see were atilla is coming from . and i have no problem with it. did not the wt print articles on how a jw that missed a meeting got killed in a car crash , and got what they deserved.maybe they missed a brain washing session, and many other wt's that call for killing non jw's. it's called a taste of their own medicine, they hate and make people hate them by thier actions. an eye for eye. i don't like seeing people dying, but i have a place in my heart , to see jesus destroy all wt zombies. maybe since his kingdom was set up in 1914 he had these missionaries , taken away ,to keep another malawi from happening in his name. i mean what the hell is the wt doing in these countries. bringing people to god or making slaves of them . and buying up all the cheap real eastate they can get their hands on. if every jw i every knew dropped dead tomorrow. i would take it as a sign that jesus was coming back the next day. john

  • Devils Advocate
    Devils Advocate

    dh - I agree wholeheartedly! If we were talking about 5 nazis being killed in a plane crash I'm sure no one would object to such vile talk.

  • sf

    The Watchtower Book Empire's Salesmen and Saleswomen preach DAILY the destruction of innocent human life at the hands of their WatchtowerGod. Their policies in fact KILL their members and innocent children of their members (SHUNNED FATHER case and many more cases as such) DAILY. This organization is LETHAL TO ALL ITS MEMBERS.

    I am wished death on a daily basis by supposedly active, baptized, loyal, dedicated jws everytime I encounter them in yahoo chatrooms. I am told that "I can't wait until the day jehovah wipes you out" DAILY.

    These people care NOTHING for other human life. They sit and wait for the day we (worldly, wicked Satans people) are DEAD so that they can finally be FREE of us and live on this earth forevermore WITHOUT us. They dream of our death and that of our children. It is what is preached at during their meetings, conventions and LITTER-ATURE. DEATH! DEATH! DEATH!

    Do you want some of us to sit here and lie about how we really feel and think? That's what jws do! They lie about how they really think and feel about innocent lives while looking you straight in the eye. Their motives for our (worldly, wicked Satans people) is so transparent, once you understand fully what their goals are. And that is...our DEATH at the hands of their god at Armageddon.

    When they come to my door I ask them, above all, why they are here. "We care about the people of this world and we want to see all gain everlasting life". My butt!! I say. They preach things that the householder never hears until the brainwashing has been set firm (right heart condition). And that is that in order to gain this everlasting life, through jehovah, and mostly THROUGH THE WATCHTOWER ORGANIZATION, you must convert all whom you can. Otherwise, you do not get the prize.

    Those of us whom really comprehend this heinous organization and its lethal policies understand where Atilla is coming from. And I for one can really relate to the brutal honesty in their post. And I appreciate the no-sugar affect.

    sKally [ hey johnny, come on into chat sometime baby ]

  • Erich
    I am wished death on a daily basis by supposedly active, baptized, loyal, dedicated jws everytime I encounter them in yahoo chatrooms. I am told that "I can't wait until the day jehovah wipes you out" . I am told that "I can't wait until the day jehovah wipes you out"

    Sorry to say: Your kind of thinking is weird. I do NOT agree with some WTS-policy, but I know many many JW`s never wishing you to be dead only for the reason because you were an ex- or non-JW or because of critizising the WTBS. Every JW, thinking in the same way as you had quoted, would be weird in same manner and deserves to be df`d rather than you.


  • Devils Advocate
    Devils Advocate

    Skally is right. Some of the most venomous individuals I have ever encountered were JW's. I too have bantered back and forth with JW's -- in person and on chat and message boards. It is not uncommon to hear them spewing a "I can't wait until Jehovah wipes you people out" rebuttal.

    I know not all JW's are like this, but then you understand that the rank and file JW will shun innocent family members, force his or hear children to die when a blood transfusion is available, and passsively support an organization that hides child rapist/molesters, I find little sympahty for their demise.

    While I cannot say I am glad these JW's are dead, I will say that it we will never know how many people have been spared being snared into this organization and having their lives ruined because of this ill fated "tragedy."

  • GermanXJW

    Ray Franz was a missionary and at Englishman's BBW I met another EX-JW-former missionary.

    I know someone who is "serving" in South America as a missionary. I think she is mislead but she somehow thinks she is right in what she is doing. I definetly do not consider her a friend and I do not even like her family.

    BUT - if I heard she died it would shock me.

    I think JW have a right to live and they even have the right to spread their message.

    The key against them is education - not death and applause to fatal accidents.

    What some people write here really makes my sick. There are millions of JW idiots so it is logical there is a good choice that there are also a lot of Ex-JW-idiots.

  • Devils Advocate
    Devils Advocate

    GermanXJW -

    Question: Do neo-fascists have the right to spread their message too?

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