Where were you three years ago today?

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  • Sassy

    Three years ago today is vivid to me..

    I remember waking up on the west coast and driving to work, not really understanding what had happened..

    then we were all sent home, because there was a fear of something happening in LA...

    Everyone was so fearful of what was going on.. SimpleSally.. then known as kats (we were both still JWs) had me come over to her house.. so away I went, with a cooked tray of white sauce enchaladas.. (funny how I remember that)..

    then we sat and watched morbidly for hours the news on CNN..

    and when I needed a break.. I'd go upstairs to her computer and look for apostates bragging on JWD for infiltrating our greatcrowd.com board..

    and one more thing I remember.. thinking Armageddon could come soon and I was single and no one in my life (including my kids).. I thought here I was about to probably die.. alone..

    isn't that weird how those stupid things come back to mind..

    then we found out that one of my coworkers cousins was killed there..

    and the president of the company I work for's brother was pulled out alive from the rubble.. he had been on the top floor of one of the buildings

  • neverthere

    I was watching TV when they aired the live pics of the second plane hitting the towers. My daughter was just a few months old. I sat with her, I was crying my eyes out. The people jumping from the buildings, the fire, the smoke then I saw the live feed of the towers falling. I felt like I was going to die. It got to the point where, in the days that followed, my husband would not let me watch anymore shows dealing with the twin towers terror attack, I cried, I sobbed and I didn't sleep, all this with a newborn to take care of.


  • Soledad
  • jwbot

    I was in my family interactions class...a sophmore in college. We came out of class to the union where people were gathered around the TV. I did not attend classes for the next 2 days, I was in shock, glued to the TV.

  • CountryGuy

    I had gotten up early to take care of a speeding ticket in municipal court. On my way home from there, the dj's on the radio announced that an airplane had just hit the WTC. These two yahoo's were always pulling stunts and this sounded like something they would do. As they went on, I remember thinking to myself, "These two have gone way too far this time. I'm not listening to them again!" I changed the station and it was on that one. I knew something was wrong... terribly wrong. I walked in the door right after the plane hit the second tower. I immediately called my partner, then my parents. I was working in retail at that time. I was the closing manager and the store was empty by 7:30 that night. We were instructed by the corp. office to close early, and to go home to our families.

    It made me realize how much I love each and everyone of my family. None of us were even close to New York that day, but it didn't matter. I just wanted to hold each of them and keep them all safe.


  • Elsewhere

    I was laying in bed recovering from hemorrhoid surgery.

  • micheal

    I was on my way to play golf in Scottsdale, heard it on the radio, went to the golf course then after understanding the magnitude went back home and watched it on the news with my girlfriend.

  • bem

    I had barely gotten awake when I turned on the t.v. and the first tower had been hit. Watched stunned and in tears as the second was hit.

    I remember being concerned for my oldest son who was working at an airport at the time. Then he called to tell me he was fine to tell me he loved me. and he was watching the news at work but would be going home soon.

    And the magnitude of course being different it still brought back the bombing of the Fed. building in Oklahoma City. So here we mourned the. 9/11 attacks and relived the bombing.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I was in Hawaii. I was staying with my daughter, helping her with her children. She woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me about the first plane hitting the towers. Then we watched as the second one hit. Of course somewhere in there the other two planes went down.

    Hawaii was a strange place to be at that time. There were no flights in or out. We felt very trapped. There was a deafening silence as we lived in the flight pattern of Honolulu Airport. We lived in Iroquois Point Navy Housing right next to the West Loch of Pearl Harbor. That is where the weapons magazine for the entire Pacific fleet. It could have been a target for an attack as far as everyone knew. There were armed guards and barricades posted at the entrance to our housing. It was intimidating and very sobering.

    I had always been afraid of going to Hawaii, fearing that I would get trapped there during a war. It was just weird that all that happened during my 9 months there. It was almost as if I had predicted my experience there.


  • lisaBObeesa

    I live on the west coast. I got up, got myself ready for work and the kids ready for school. We all got into the car and picked up another child in our carpool and I headed off to drop the kids off at school.

    At about 8:15 am our time, I was on the on-ramp to the freeway when I turned on the radio. The first sounds I heard were the words, "As impossible as it is to imagine, the fact is that the World Trade Center no longer exists." I wanted to stop the car right there, but I couldn't because I was on the freeway. I drove slowly in stunned silence.

    The kids wanted to know what happened and I told them some bad people flew a plane into a big building. My oldest said, "Well that was stupid! They must be dead now, too!" I said yes, it was stupid. And terrible. I tried to stay calm as possible. I didn't want them to feel scared or worried. I told them we were safe because that it happened far, far away. In my heart, I was not so sure.

    I dropped off my kids at school, and went to my job. I am an instructional aide in a continuation high school. The kids I teach were shaken. The teacher I work with was in a panic. I spent the day trying to hide the fact I was stunned and worried and hiding little tears that seemed to creep out when I stopped remembering to hold them in. And I spent the day listening to the kids talk...and also keeping them aware of the facts we knew, reminding them that we were safe, and dispelling wild stories and stopping hate speech.

    After work, I got in my car, drove away from the school, and cried.

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