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  • arrowstar

    Thank you Simon for the apology.


  • Bendrr

    Simon, I rarely post over here anymore. Though I do drop in regularly to read my favorites like Metatron and Amazing, I just don't contribute much anymore because of the pervasive criticism of my country.

    You have really done so much for the X-JW world. I'm not saying that to sugarcoat this post, I mean it. This is one hell of a massive discussion board and it takes a lot of work. Even though you have assistance, it's still your board to run and still a lot of work and time away from other things you'd probably rather be doing. So for that, thank you both on behalf of myself and the rest of us who've passed through, and on behalf of the lurkers.

    With this position you have also comes responsibility. You've clearly stated who this board is targeted towards. I've told you before about the new-found freedom of x's. All of a sudden they have the freedom we all now consider perfectly ordinary. The freedom of patriotism, of political speech, to openly love one's country.

    To be sure, not all X's end up on the "my country right or wrong" side, but that's ok. But plenty of lurkers just might have some pro-conservative, pro-Bush feelings. Over the last couple of years, you have said some nasty things about us. Frankly I'm just sick and damn tired of it. Have you ever stopped to think about how many lurkers might get turned off to your, YOUR board due to this? Or from seeing the fates of "neo-cons" who disagree with you? What was it you once said about neo-cons? "Just kidding" is not an acceptable justification because it wasn't a joke. You know it and I know it.

    I'll tell you something. It would break my heart just as bad if an airliner had've hit Big Ben or Buckingham Palace than the World Trade Center. Buckingham Palace even more so because I happen to like the Queen and the Queen Mum.

    Best option in your situation is to rise above the debate and stay out of it. Your current approach is making enemies and most likely scaring lurkers back to the Kingdom Hall. The way I see it is what you ought to do is just stop with political discussion here period. In my biased opinion, you have nothing worthwhile to add. In my unbiased opinion, when you as board owner post what you do you only invite the hard feelings that develop.

    As I said at the beginning of this post, you've done a great service to the X-JW community. I want to see your service in the form of this board continue for a long time to come. There's still 6 million good folks out there to reach, my momma and [step]daddy included. Re-focus my friend, get back out there on the battlefield you BELONG on! We're rootin' for you.

    With Respect,


  • ballistic

    This probably isn't the time or place, but I really wish we could get the "edit time" extended back as it was, so we can get rid of our embarrassing posts from "the night before". You see Simon, you're not the only person who posts things and regrets them later.

  • czarofmischief

    Well, I for one have more posts in my limit than ever, despite firmly disagreeing with the founder of this board. I have no quarrel with Simon himself or with the rest of the board or anybody - just certain opinions. And I firmly believe that this board is one of the best places ever created.

    What Simon did WAS a little insensitive, but I'm not easily offended by that. It WAS a crime to overthrow the democracy in Chile and establish Pinochet. I'm not sure about the exact circumstances, but it is hard to imagine that Pinochet thought he could do something like that without tacit US permission, if not actual support. So Simon had a valid point. And the timing is a fierce coincidence; but there have been so many crimes throughout history that you could pick ANY date and find something terrible that happened on it.

    I do appreciate his apology, though, and of course I accept it. I am the last one to throw any stones at anybody.

    So anyway, I accept your apology; and I concur, listening to the wife keeps us out of trouble. I'm just lucky that the czarina doesn't post here or she'd kick my arse over some the things I've said and done on here.

    We're all friends, brought together by the hideous WT. And the world is a better place because of the work you've done Simon. It really means so much to me and to the czarina that i can get on here and spout off about the borg and the trauma and find people that understand.


  • Valis

    czar...hope you are well mate. I know you were having some probs and well dealing with those kinds of things IMO is what we are here for...not to make enemies and disgruntle people over political POVs. Cheers and pinch the can tell her it was from "on high"...


    District Overbeer

  • RevMalk

    I guess I appreciate being 'un-deleted'. (Thank you, by the way)

    I've now attempted 4 times to type an apology in return.

    This is the best I can do:

    I apologize to others on the board if I in any way offended you.

    As for the comments I made on the thread:

    I stand by them 110% and I should not ever feel sorry for that.

    You won't get any more trouble from me though. I'll keep my trap shut. I did it for several years at the KH, I can do it now


  • FMZ

    Thanks Simon... Sometimes it takes a bigger man to apologize and withdraw than defend himself. Today you were the bigger man in the end.


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