Quotes website can "confuse newly interested": so says my Elder/Father

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  • observador


    what a good reading!

    You're doing a very good work on the site. Keep it up!

    I'd be very offended if you stopped it.


  • iiz2cool
    He said the Secret Book was not surprising, since any "large company or organization has manuals that are only intended for employees or managers"

    There's a difference. Large companies have written policies that are available for employees to examine. If an employee were subjected to disciplinary action he would know what the procedures were. This is not the case with the Watchtower Society. The rules of judicial commitee procedures are not made available to publishers?. Before my baptism I was not made aware of the fact that recording devices were not permitted in judicial commitees, not was I made aware of it afterward. I was not informed that the accused could not have someone present to witness the proceedings. This information is available only in the "Pay Attention" book which is given only to elders.

    The rank & file never find these things out until they're in the middle of it.


  • AlmostAtheist

    >> Well, I wonder if your dad will feel bad about getting a free copy of WT library and feel compelled to donate the $50 to $100 they suggest?

    A little OT, sorry, but I had forgotten about that. When they first released it, the KM said something like, 'Worldy CD's containing information of much lesser value sell for $50, $100, or even more.' Then they left the 'donation' to your conscience. I remember thinking even then, as a loyal dub, "They can't believe it costs them $50 to stamp out these CD's. Volunteers wrote the software, wrote the data, assembled the data, printed the labels. These are costing the Society $5 max." Wish I woulda thought it through a little more then...

  • itsallgoodnow

    You've done an honorable thing with your website, quotes. Hopefully more and more interested people will find your site and be "confused" enough to know better.

    It's funny the cognitive dissonance JWs must have to continue to accept the changes in teachings. Any new teachings my folks don't agree with or changes that pretty much make it obvious that they make it up as they go along (or that they were simply wrong from the word "go"), they feel these Watchtower articles are written by "apostates". Can you believe this? Ok, I can see they know it doesn't make sense anymore. They just can't deal with the reality of it. I guess they aren't "honest hearted" enough to let go of their armageddon hopes. As soon as I smelled a rat, I was thrilled to know it wasn't "the truth".

  • unbeliever
    BTW, I am curious, if you remember, which quote topic in particular prompted shuch a reaction. Do you remember what you were showing to her?

    The DF/DA topic. This is the example I was reading to her.

    24 In another case, Laurie's parents were disfellowshipped. Yet she says: 'My association with them never stopped but increased. As time went on, I became more and more inactive. I got to the point of not even attending meetings.' Then she read material in The Watchtower of September 1 and 15, 1981, that stressed the counsel of 1 Corinthians 5:11-13 and 2 John 9-11. "It was as if a light bulb were turned on in me," she writes. 'I knew I would have to make some changes. I now better understand the meaning of Matthew 10:34-36. My decision was not an easy one for my family to swallow, for my son, five, is the only boy, and they love him dearly.' It is hoped that losing such association will touch the parents' hearts, as it did Margaret's. Still, the discipline involved helped Laurie: 'I am back out in the field ministry. My marriage and family are stronger because of my change, and so am I.'

    When she looked at the page and did not see watchtower.org at the bottom I assume that is why she freaked. She did not even read it or check the WT CD to verify the references and then she accused me of putting an apostate twist on it. She is crazy.

  • AlanB

    The whole conversation is very similar to those I have with my father, total blinkered approach and failure to see the facts.

    I remember outlining the UN issue to him, his response was,

    "Its all apostate lies"

    "No, actually all this information can be verified from secular sources, The Guardian newspaper, the UN website, etc.

    "Well apostates must have got into the UN and Guardian computers and put the information there.... "

    You cannot reason with people like this.

    Great website by the way, I have book marked it and I am sure it will be a valuable resource.


  • candidlynuts


    i knew of your site awhile. but didnt go to it cuz being a 3rd generation witness i just shrugged off the old stuff as "old light" .

    i was really hurt by the lack of love but figured it must be a local thing not system wide. but with all my other problems just put the "truth" on the back burner . finally though i started reading there after reading here awhile... and to be honest i just read the newer quotes. which was enough to create doubts in my mind. and that was traumatic cuz growing up in the "truth" i figured if thats not right nothing is. its hard to build a relationship with a God you really dont know. and its created a lot of sadness and emptiness in my life.

    i truly admire what you've done. it exposes the hypocrisy and shows what a waste it is to continue worshipping god that way. although i dont look down on my parents and family who sincerely believe. they arent hypocrits and live a good clean humble christian life. if it works for them fine.. it doesnt work for me anymore. although i dont know what does. being out of the org is almost as bad as being in it.. you get a lot of "donts" but finding things to "do" are elusive.

    i would like to encourage you to keep adding stuff from newer publications because that is where people like me would read. its not so easy to dismiss as "apostate twisting stuff to fit there agendas"

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