Quotes website can "confuse newly interested": so says my Elder/Father

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  • confusedjw

    Well your site helped me. When my had would almost shake for fear of visiting apostate sites and I found yours I was fascinated to be reading only WT Quotes which confirmed what I was suspecting. How could Jehovah be guiding and editing the WT with these mistakes and lunacy going on?


    Your HOBBY is saving lifes. Helping to give people their life back.

  • blondie

    I would mention too, Quotes, that I posted your site over on Belief.net under the JW discussion DB and was thanked by a poster who had never seen it (!!!).

    What's the phrase, "don't confuse me with the facts"?

    I heard of a couple of JWs who left after the Proclaimers book came out and was discussed during the instruction talks.

    It was the first time I was able to see anything in a current WT publication on 1925. It confirmed what I had been told by non-JWs about the Millions booklet and the Way to Paradise book. The WTS does not tend to tell out and out lies as much as leave out information.

    I direct people to your site many times because it is only WT quotes for their own publications.

    Hang them by their own words, is my motto.


  • jgnat

    Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. A newbie user like that will probably delete all the operating system files, too, just to be on the safe side. Then he will have to pay a repairman $100 an hour to put it back aright.

    I had dad's computer to myself for a couple of hours and downloaded a few necessary files such as Winzip, Acrobat Reader, and Solitaire 1000. I showed him how I put all the added files under a directory named "JGNAT" so that he could easily remove them. He sniffed.

    I JUST KNOW he plays those solitaire games late in the night.

    Yet, I am just as positive he blames me for a BAAAD virus infection he got a few months later. (A monster dot appeared on the screen and he couldn't click on anything.)

    Face it, with parents, you just can't win. With JW parents, it's just worse, is all.

  • kwintestal

    I've never heard of your site prior to reading this post. I'll check it out. Thanks for the hard work!


  • Atilla

    Well, I wonder if your dad will feel bad about getting a free copy of WT library and feel compelled to donate the $50 to $100 they suggest?

  • Quotes

    Thanks for the feedback everybody!

    Some other points I made to my dad (not mentioned above):

    Me: [answering my dad's objections] "Honeestly, think about this, how would you feel if there was a similar web site called "quotes.catholicchurch.org"??? Would you want it shut down, so that it doesn't "confuse" people who may be newly learning about the Catholic Church? Doesn't the Watchtower itself pull things out of the Catholic churche's past and print them [and gave the "Blacks are a Marked, Inferior Race" quote example]???? How would you feel if the Catholic Church or a Catholic parishoner were trying shut down such a Web site? Try putting the shoe on the other foot... put the shoe on the other foot and see how it fits"

    Dad: [totally missing the point and unable to make the mental leap]: The Catholic Church has been involved in [blah blah blah] since the begining of [blah blah blah]

    Me: Yes, but that's my point, you don't want to hide the history of the Catholic Church, do you?

    Dad: [I forget what he said here, but I think he effectively changed the subject by throwing more rocks at the RC Church.]

    He also objected to and was offended by the fact that my site tells people that they have a "Secret Book" and that I provide email autoresponse so people can read it at other web sites. He objected to my labelling the book "secret", but I reminded him that (as I take pains to point out at the Web site) true, the book's existence is obscure but not secret, however the contents are available only to elders, so the contents are secret. By example, I told him that the "secret launch codes" used by Mr. President to lauch a nuclear missile are known to exist, however the contents are known only to a select few, that is why they are called "secret codes" even though everyone knows about them.

    He said the Secret Book was not surprising, since any "large company or organization has manuals that are only intended for employees or managers" to which I agreed (that is kind of the point!) and told him that in that case, why is he so offended that I mention the book at my website?

    Eventually I added: "My concern is that even though the WT directs you (elders) in that book with specific instructions of what to do in every possible situation, they then try to distance themselves and pretend that elders act on their own if/when they are in court [i.e. Vickie Boer trial] and pretend they DON'T give instructions to elder's They don't have the cajones to step up and "yes, we gave those instructions and if this worldly court doesn't like it we will take whatever punishment you give" -- instead they leave elder's LIKE YOU, WHO WERE ONLY FOLLOWING THEIR ORDERS, swinging in the wind and on their own."

    I then told him how KEN LITTLE was caught in a lie UNDER OATH at the Vickie Boer trial, pretending that the secret book doesn't exist; and I personally saw him tell this lie while under oath, and how I saw him TAP DANCE when the book (which he said doesn't exist) was handed to him.

    As I recall, that was where we ended the conversation, with KEN LITTLE telling a lie, and elder's LIKE MY DAD left to fend for themselves as for as liability goes.

    Aaahhhh... there is nothing like INFORMAL WITNESSING to you FAMILY!!!!

    ~Quotes, of the "Tort Reform" class

    P.S. I forgot to mention that the new computer has a beautiful PDF SCAN+TEXT version of the secret Pay Attention book too... that should help him prepare for elder meetings! ;)

  • Quotes

    Room 215 said:
    hey'll be forced to make a show of having some sort of reasonable answer, and not simply bully them into quiescence or issue veiled threats as they would with a baptized JW.

    I never thought of that angle! Perhaps, in having to actually give a real answer to their study's concerns, they will learn a thing or tow themselves!

  • Quotes

    Unbeliever said:
    she ripped them up and said they were demonized

    LMAO!!! I know I shouldn't be, because it is so truly sad!

    The really sad thing is that according to some other religious groups, Watchtower material *IS* demonized! So you could say to you Mom, "Well mom, I know the CATHOLIC CHURCH would have you believe that the Watchtower is demonized, but I didn't think you were the type to side with the Catholic church!!!????!!!!????

    BTW, I am curious, if you remember, which quote topic in particular prompted shuch a reaction. Do you remember what you were showing to her?

    ~Quotes, of the "Is that a DEMON in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" class

  • Terry

    This is one of the most important websites I have ever been to in my whole life.


    You have done more for humanity than Albert Schweitzer and Thomas Paine combined.

  • Scully

    Quotes, my friend, I was thinking about what your dad said and thought of an interesting comeback:

    And I find it OFFENSIVE. I am offended by it.

    I wonder if he would find it "OFFENSIVE" or be "offended by" a book publishing organization who expect people like him to put such faith in them that they would be willing to risk their lives on their prophecies, and who make life-altering decisions based on the guidance of this book publishing organization, only to find out that it was ALL LIES?? Isn't it OFFENSIVE for a person to waste their entire lives on the hopes offered to them by liars and hypocrites??

    Frankly, I find that totally OFFENSIVE. Maybe your dad would too.

    Love, Scully

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