The JWs might be right....for all the wrong reasons

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  • gumby

    And Frank Sinatra is, hand's down, the greatest singer that ever lived.

    NOW we've found something that we can completely agree on!!!

    Oh please.......give me a break!

    I'll put Roy Orbison up against that skinny little twit any day of the week! I can sing as good as Frank Snottra (mispelled his name on purpose).......

    Heres one for Frankie............

  • bebu
  • Terry

    Gumbo: I'll put Roy Orbison up against that skinny little twit any day of the week! I can sing as good as Frank Snottra (mispelled his name on purpose).......

    It isn't Frank Snottra; it is Frankly not so hot-ra (from your point of view).

    Orbison, huh?

    Okay. Let's take a look at that.

    I love "Crying", "Pretty Woman", "Running Scared", and "Blue Bayou".

    But, look at Sinatra's body of work over FIVE FREAKIN' DECADES! He sang the greatest songs ever written and with the finest orchestras manned by the most superlative players in the history of music!

    Frank baby was ring a ding ding cool and had women completely beautiful and zonked out at his charisma throwing themselves at him like rice at a wedding.

    Roy, however, looks like a teenage hacker nerd on steroids.

    Frank was also a damned fine actor.


    I'm afraid Old Horn Rims can't stand in the same hall of fame with Ole blue Eyes!

    But, I like you anyway.

  • Golf

    Terry, I'll take the fifties without much complaint.

    Guest 77

  • Terry

    Where will you take the 50's?

  • logansrun

    I like Ike.


    **Marilyn Monroe too.

  • Golf

    Terry, for starters, we lived in a community without locks. People would help their fellow neighbor. It wasn't a fast pace life in the fifties.

    In Boston I was able to go to the movies and watch two featured movies, two cartoons, newsreel and coming attractions for 8 cents! Later it was 25 cents. I was able to drive my 1952 Chevy from Boston to Montreal and spend only five dollars on gas, round trip!

    I was able to buy chips, gum and candy for a penny. Today, it's unheard of.

    I attended public schools with black children.

    Just naming a few things.

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  • logansrun


    And, what was your annual income?


  • Golf

    LR, in the early fifties I would shine shoes in combat zone. Later I went caddying. Today I'm self-employed.

    Oh, I like dry gin and tonic. I use to carry a bottle with me when I played golf. Next week I'll be in Lake Placid playing golf, and drinking gin while playing.

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  • JT
    But, I can't think of any better time to be alive.

    How about the 1950's


    it depends on what color you were, watching Happy Days looks great, going to the malt shop after school , driving around town in your Hot rod

    but if you were a black man those days were not so happy esp since you and your friends had to go to the back door just to get some ice cream

    i often here older white persons i work with talk about how wonderful such times were

    yet the black exp was very different , jobs housing opportunities, hell even for women

    the lady on the supreme court stated that when she finished law school all she could do was work as a sec, so here is a white women talented and ready to take on the world and as to say white men of the day said

    "hold up little susan, get me a cup of coffee"

    so it depends on ones life exp

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