The JWs might be right....for all the wrong reasons

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  • Terry

    I can't see that the Watchtower philosophy adds anything to a person's life.

    It filters all the information through a tainting process that leaves the wrong conclusion hanging in mid-air.

    JW's have their time stolen from them. That time could be used to improve their own conditions, their family life, their neighborhoods, city, state and nation.

    JW's religion steals their time.

    Time is needed for better education that would improve their mental stability because they'd be dealing with reality instead of a horror story about how everything is on the brink of extinction.

    (I grew up during the Cold War. Children were taught to duck and cover because the A-bomb would be dropped someday by Communists. Millions of people took a "screw-it" attitude because they never believed they'd live to be 30.) Kids had their hope stolen from them by fear of the future. But, the future always shows up at our doorstep. Nothing is more pathetic than a burned-out old Hippie stuck in their F-it philosophy.

    NO-WAIT! That isn't true! There is something more pathetic. How about a burned-out old JW living on welfare checking the calendar for the next overdue Armageddon fix-all?

    Phoney predictions of impending doom depress people's will to improve their human condition.

    Nobody does this better than the religious mania of Jehovah's doom-saying.

    JW's are so wrong-headed in viewing the purpose of their own life they do none of the following things that are done by other religious groups AS A MATTER OF COURSE.

    1.No daycare facilities.

    2.No hospitals

    3.No schools or colleges

    4.No careers in medicine, science, research, counseling or exploration.

    5.No financial planning for retirement.

    6.No organized efforts to improve communities with volunteerism.

    7.No charities.

    It is a self-centered organization that hates its own members because it does nothing for them!

    At the same time it encourages within the minds of those suffering under its authority the idea that every JW is happy and better off than everybody else in the world.

    US vs THEM alienates JW's from neighbors, citizenship and political improvements.

    By painting the bleak picture that TRUTH resides in the pea-brained ideas that taint the pages of Watchtower magazine, the Governing Body enslaves everybody and shackles them to a drudge life of emptiness. The promises are empty, the philosophy is wrong-headed, the reasoning is illogical and the remedies do nobody any good and everybody harm.

    If you can call this pestilence; this viral transmission of robotic lock-step conformity "BEING RIGHT" then you can call a pig a petunia and a turd an after dinner mint.

  • LittleToe

    Funny that. For some time before I left the JW's I wondered if NATO were really the "WIld Beast of Revelation", rather than the UN. The UN being but an image.
    I wonder if we'll eventually find that in a Witchtower

  • dorothy

    Terry, you are exactly right! I had only been studying for about 2 1/2 years, and didn't even realize how my thinking had been warped. It is impossible to retain sanity while living with an attitude that we are on the brink of destruction.

  • logansrun


    For example, I just came back from Toronto last night - 1250 miles each way for an overnight trip - possible in the 50s, but not common. After I finish working and communicating with people instantly all over the world, I will go home and see if there is a football game on the big screen - somewhere in the 62 channels, there should be something on.Digital cameras, microwaves,

    Yes, but many of those things are preventing people from seeing the big picture. We have much more "stuff" and entertainment than before, but they often are just distractions from the pressing issues at hand. Sometimes they're even part of the problem. And people generally are not happier with all the gadgetry and conveniences that we have now. I'm not saying they are bad, but people usually have the wrong attitude about them. I'd take a walk in the park with a loved one over text-messaging on my cellphone any day. Yet people are doing less of the former, more of the latter.

    better medical treatments,

    Which are becoming increasingly unaffordable....I know, catch-22.

    better understanding of the universe.

    Yes, but I'd take a long, peaceful life over anything you've mentioned any day.


  • logansrun


    I agree with everything you said, but the JWs were really not the point of my post.


  • dorothy

    sooo... logans run, which side are you on? Is it better or worse?

  • Satanus

    Each empire uses different basis. The british used trade, freebooters on the high seas (basically, deputised pirates), divide and conquer, an other very intelligent methods, compared to rome. Rome used mainly military might and then religion. Nato, free trade/globalisation, zionism could be construed as the basis of the emerging 'american empire'. Funny how empire is vociferously denied. Anyway, time will tell.


    I could see that happening, iether in the wt, and/or among apocalyptic christians.


  • RunningMan
    And people generally are not happier with all the gadgetry and conveniences that we have now. I'm not saying they are bad, but people usually have the wrong attitude about them. I'd take a walk in the park with a loved one over text-messaging on my cellphone any day. Yet people are doing less of the former, more of the latter.

    What you do with your time is your choice. The past is not somehow idyllic simply because there was less stuff. Ever read "The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit"? Apparently, there was a rat race in the 50s, too. In "As You Like It", Shakespeare takes a few shots at the problems inherent in the rural pastoral life. Apparently, it wasn't just the 1990's that had distractions and a longing for a simpler life - the 1590's had it too.
    Which are becoming increasingly unaffordable....I know, catch-22.

    I've never known anyone who was not able to obtain necessary medical service. My Dad was just an average guy, and he survived two types of Cancer and a brain aneurism. Science gave him an extra 25 years. Maybe you need to move to a different country.

    Yes, but I'd take a long, peaceful life over anything you've mentioned any day.

    Science is giving you a longer life. The peacefulness is up to you. It always has been, always will be. If you're not making the choice for a peaceful life today, then you probably would have been just as harried in times past. Image how busy you would be if you had to haul and heat your own water, cut your own wood, and butcher your own meat. My grandparents worked like dogs when they immigrated from the old country. I doubt if they ever relaxed.

    The past was not a magical time. You make your own magic. Make it now.
  • Terry

    Living in the 50's better?

    Give me a break.

    How old are you? I'm 57 years old. I grew up in the 50's and I was there living through that period. I've got no rose-colored glasses.

    Women had no freedom! A women had no credit. A woman had no opportunities. A woman was totally dependant upon a man.

    Almost everybody everywhere smoked and drank themselves into a stupor.

    The world lived under the very real threat of Nuclear extinction because the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. were in a hot arms race and hot rhetoric proliferated.

    Few people had ordinary luxuries that today we would call "basic necessitites".

    People died from illnesses that can easily be expunged today. Children faced infantile paralysis and polio in an alarming epidemic that was beyond science.

    Black people were non-entities!

    Black people could not drink out of a public water fountain unless it was labeled "colored only". Black people could not eat with white people in the same restaurant or stay in the same hotels! Black people could not swim in public pools. Black people could not use a public restroom. (Entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. swam in a Las Vegas swimming pool and the management drained all the water out and scoured the pool with disinfectant). Black people had the lowest jobs with the lousiest pay and they lived in ghettos with no alternatives. Black people could not even go to public schools that weren't set aside specifically for blacks only!

    Wake up people!

    Don't you read? Don't you know your own history in America? Human rights did NOT EXIST unless you were a white male!

    Please don't be salivating over the 50's around me. It was a truly bleak period in our history. If you think the religious right has power now; IT OWNED AMERICA in the 50's. Remember, Elvis was considered truly depraved! Here was a polite white boy who said "yes sir and no sir" and yet he was condemned for being immoral. BOOKS WERE BANNED if they didn't pass the Catholic legion of decency's board of approval.

    Take the time to understand what you are advocating when you swoon over how great the 50's were.

    Our political system was strangled by Communist Red-baiting! Petty politicians made careers out of witch-hunts and ruining people by labeling them a commie and demanding they "name names".

    The 50's WERE AWFUL!!!!

  • dorothy

    Ouch! Sorry Terry. Yes, I'm young and I like it that way.

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