Why don't J.W.'s celebrate Thanksgiving?

by hubert 37 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • hubert

    The first holiday of the season is coming up soon, and I was wondering why J.W.'s don't celebrate it.

    It's not a Bilbical event, as far as I know. It's supposed to be the celebration of giving thanks for being in this "new world". And if you are giving thanks to God, isn't that still going along with the Bible and thanking God for you blessings?

    Unless the j.w.'s don't thank God anymore. Maybe they only thank the org.? And why not on Thanksgiving?

    Are they afraid we might worship the turkey?

  • Terry

    It might have something to do with the fact that the first four presidents of the Watchtower society were Turkeys.

  • little1

    I asked the Jw I dated this because I didn't understand it either. He said it was an "American" holiday, and thus bad "by association." I don't see anything wrong with it, but they seem to see something wrong with anythhing that might be fun. Of course eating with my relatives has never been considered "fun"!


  • hubert

    Ha, Ha !! Good point, Terry! Never looked at it that way.

  • recoveringjw

    This is one I never understood, either. And my parent's always bought a turkey anyway and my mom would make a huge turkey dinner the day AFTER Thanksgiving.

  • Stefanie

    They do celeberate it, they just wont admit it.

    The po from the last cong i was at, served the dinner and invited the whole family that day.. same day every year..

  • hubert

    Some do, and some don't stephanie.

    My father-in-law mentioned a few years back that my brother-in-law doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, but a week after Thanksgiving, he sees him come in with a turkey.

    I wonder if you can get disfellowshipped for celebrating Thanksgiving?


  • seedy3

    little toes was pretty close, it is because it's a political holiday, and they fall back on the idea that Heysus commanded only one celibrated holiday (actually he never said you can't have holidays, but just have to do the bread breaking stuff in rememberence). So since it is a wordly holiday, they're not suppose to do it. You know the seperate yourself from the rest of mankind stuff.


  • desib77

    I was told it was because "we shouldn't be thankful only one day"....

  • Stefanie

    From personal experience...

    We did, and my ex was an elder.. Every year.. turkey day was celebrated, we just made sure not to say anthing and that the kids didnt let it slip..

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