Murder is wrong because...

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  • doogie

    'wrong' is so subjective (like bull said).

    i think the concepts of "right" and "wrong" have to carry the idea of whether an action will have a positive or negative effect on your immediate society...whether it advance your culture forward or push it backwards. but then again "forward progress" is also subjective. ultimately, even murderous terrorists are trying to exterminate those that in their opinion are "unworthy" to make way for a peaceful, utopian society (or effect policy change to ultimately lead to the same outcome). so, its my belief that a utopian society is a primary desire of all humans. if that's the case, then only actions that bring us closer to that reality can be considered catalysts for positive cultural change and therefore "right" (i.e. "not wrong").

    this would mean (in my small opinion) that murder is wrong. personally, i choose to live my daily life as if the world were already a utopian paradise, although it is far from.

  • Terry

    I was in an exclusive Beverly Hills shop once. All the really expensive items (on a scale from "ouch" to "boing") had a little card next to them that said; "If you break it you buy it".

    That is murder.

    You break it; but you have to buy it. The cost is more than you can afford.

    What you cannot repair or replace or pay for is something that should not be undertaken. What will be demanded from you is beyond evaluation.

    So, murder is wrong because the balloon payment at the end is going to do you in.

    Confucious say: What you hate; you become.

  • Dawn

    What you cannot repair or replace or pay for is something that should not be undertaken

    Exactly! It's stealing - the life does not belong to you so it's not yours to take.

    My sibling was murdered and I know first hand now how incredibly evil it is. There is no good in murder - I can not describe with words how empty, deep and dark the feeling surrounding that experience is.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    murder is when you kill someone and the government will not protect you from vengence...thus it is a hinderance to your long term goals.

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