What did Noah eat after the flood?

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  • LittleToe

    Party pooper!!

  • Pole

    That's right Terry!!! :)

    Isn't it obvious, folks?

  • gumby
    Of course, if they got the taste for meat, and didn't want to drive any animals to extinction they could have eaten the mice and rats on board, which would probably number several hundred by the end of the flood.

    Derek you knuckelhead! This is off the record, but I heard from a reliable source that Noahs wife had the job of putting little condoms on all the male mices dingdongs.......it just wasn't mentioned in Genesis cuz it's embarrasin

    Had it only been 40 days and nights only....Noah and his tribe could have fasted that long as did Jesus.....but I'm thinkin he had some of those old army surplus dry food in a can in the storage compartment.


  • Pole
    ! This is off the record, but I heard from a reliable source that Noahs wife had the job of putting little condoms on all the male mices dingdongs.......it just wasn't mentioned in Genesis cuz it's embarrasin

    It's a pity it wasn't Ezekiel who wrote Genesis. (Ezekiel 23:20)

  • Preston

    Noah had stuffed salmon, shephard's pie, barbecued ribs and steamed lobster....made from all the animals that reproduced on board....

  • Sweetp0985

    Wasn't he in the ark for only 40days and nights? No, it rained for 40 days and nights, but it took a year for the waters to subside. (Gen 7:11, 8:14) Was this 40 regular days or 40 days Jehovah time????

  • bull01lay

    You guys make me howl with laughter!! - They ate the ark!!! Excellent stuff!

    S'pose it would be possible, so long as you had enough Ketchup!

    Maybe Noah set up the first ever Macdonalds ???

    Bull! "You want fries with that Ratburger, sir? "

  • MicStroz

    Noah, did not eat......he lived only on the word of god......

  • seven006


    Calculating in the fact that there are 40 million species of animals in the world today and discounting the theory of evaluation that eliminates the possibility of those animals evolving from a lessor number put on the ark. You need to calculate how long it would take 8 people to load them on the boat. It is figured given those numbers, it would take 45 years just to load them up. That's just working on the two each of every species and not the 2 each of the nasty unclean ones and 7 of the cute little clean ones.

    Given that number, you need to come up with a figure based on what time in that 45 year loading project the rats were taken on the boat. If they were one of the first to be loaded, you need to multiply your figured by the numbers of years the rats were on the boat before it sailed off into mythical history. You also need to figure that more than the original towo rats kept reproducing. As the baby rats matured into reproductive adults, your figures will increase a million fold. At the end of the 45 year loading process and the one year pleasure zoo cruse, you end up with a much higher figure in the rat population on the boat. My figures come up with one astonishing figure which is "a shit load of rats." That's not even counting the hundreds of species from the mice family.

    I haven't eaten rat in a long time but I'm sure the tasty recipes for rat on the ark. Personally I don't know how the 8 people on the ark could eat with the smell of 80 million animals pissing all day long, the gas created by the ammonia alone could have turned the boat into a flying blimp. That is only assuming the 8 people on board took time off from feeding the 80 million animals and actually cleaned the stalls. That's not even mentioning the flammable methane gas created by all the animal poop. I cleaned out a chicken barn one time that only had a couple thousand chickens in it. The smell alone could kill and lighting a match to cook something to eat would have made the place explode. I don't know why god, who can pull out anything in his bag of miracles, just didn't turn all the bad people of the earth into pillars of salt. Now that was a damn impressive miracle and it would have cut down on one hell of a lot of work.

    I agree with Terry who said they ate fish. There is nothing like deep sea fishing while you are a laid back relaxing cruse.


  • Odrade

    hay, just like the lions and tigers and bears.

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