How many on this board vote?

by Netty 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • Netty

    I cant bring myself to get into voting. I am registered, but when its time to vote, I just really never fell the urge to get there and get it done. My husband is VERY political, and is always talking politics and about the importance of voting. I agree with everything he says, it is important. But, I would not know a single thing about the issues if it wasnt for him. So, today is a primary, (he just explained to me) and he will be going to vote, and I am just dilly dallying around, finding 100 better things to do. I guess it has to do with JW upbringing, (can I blame it on that?), maybe there is still some secret,Lingering, I fell weird about this deep down inside feeling. Do you vote? Why or why not?

  • willyloman

    My wife, daughter and I proudly registered and voted in the primary this year. We marched into the polling place, got our instructions, pushed the appropriate levers and went to Starbucks to "celebrate" another milestone on the long road to freedom. We all agreed it felt good to take some responsibility for this world in which we live. You will be so proud when you make the effort.

  • JH

    I don't vote.

  • Sweetp0985

    I just registered also for the first time last year at 26 yrs old. the closer it gets to election time, the more I'm feeling like Do I or Don't I? Then all the commericals just makes it even more frustrating....I guess this is just one of the freedoms that not being a dub anymore makes me able to do but I'm just not too excited about this one...

  • recoveringjw


    I have never been especially political. There are a few issues that are VERY important to me and I vote because of them. I don't think I can save the world, but I do think I can make a difference.

    For a long time I was a-political and I am pretty sure that was on account of being a JW for 23 years. Although, my sister was also a JW and she is very political.


  • Preston

    I vote. Thanks for reminding Netty, today is our Primary in AZ

  • Netty

    Yes Preston,and today its all about Jim Kolbe, who I really do like and should get out and vote for but...

  • outnfree

    I vote. Perhaps it's easier for me because I voted before I became a Witness, and now I'm merely voting again. For me, it's as willy said above: taking some responsibility for the world I live in. I get frustrated because sometimes I don't know all the issues. If your husband is keeping you informed, so much the better. Go! Try it! See how you feel when "your" cause passes or "your" candidate wins!


  • Stefanie

    Same here Netty. I am registered but will not vote this year..
    The rest of the family is voting for bush.

    I am prepared for the worse, but am hoping for the best..

  • dh

    I have never voted and I am not registered to vote.

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