JWs Live In Their Own Little World

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  • blondie

    In fact the working title of my autobiography is "Living in La-La Land."

  • minimus

    I use that expression, too. In their own little world. That's where they are!

  • marcosgarcia
    Their non-JW relatives are expected to fully "understand", and comply, with the fall-out that is a result of their personal decisions based on their faulty theology. In other words, they expect the world to revolve around, and cater, to them, but they do not observe the same courtesy to those family members who are non-JWs.

    Country girl you are right on! The religion becomes the most important thing for them. All that pressure on them to attend meetings, studies and the conventions. It seems crazy. My JW family memeber is adamant about attending. I really think all the pressure will make this person crack. How do they get people so motivated or is the word scared? Are there cases of parents totally shunning thier minor children to the point of giving all responsibility to the other parent. ? Or will the JW partner fight endlessly for custody?

  • Preston
    One thing I'm convinced of is that JWS live in their own little bubble. The world could be in chaos around them but not missing a meeting is what's most important. Children of JWs could be going thru teenage trauma or even molestation, but are they getting their "time" in?? Old Witnesses might be struggling in every possible way but did they "give Jehovah even 15 minutes during the month"?

    These points are all fine and dandy minimus, as is the case with MANY of your posts, but you're a red spot.

  • Soledad
    They believe any negative criticism is due to an ex member having an axe to grind faking a story.

    but they will undoubtedly believe any negative criticism about other religions, even if it is known to be 100% false.

  • marcosgarcia
    you're a red spot.

    I thought he was an M&M candy?

  • TresHappy

    My sentiments exactly!

  • New Castles
    New Castles

    They believe that everything that is on the news negative about the WTS is provided by apostates...those liars!

  • undercover

    There's something wrong with the title of this thread:

    JWs Live In Their Own Little World

    Oh, I know. This is a minimus thread. It should be:

    Do JWs Live In Their Own Little World?
  • codeblue

    I so totally agree with that comment. And I used to live in that world as well

    I think back to key events in my life. Like when I was 11 and my Mom was very sick, missed quite a few meetings. The elders came over quizzing her why she missed so many meetings. My Dad couldn't work, she was so sick she couldn't work. They did give us a box full of food though....She died from bone marrow cancer 2 years later....NO wonder my Mom couldn't make many meetings.

    One of my teenage sons needed surgery....he came home. One Sat. 2 elders, during field service, came to visit him. They spent 5 mintues with him. I shook my head thinking that my son who was very faithful in meetings and f. service only got a 5 minute visit? I think that is when I sat there for the first time in my raised JW life knowing that true Chrisitan love is more than a 5 minute visit.

    I could go on and on and on about my realizations....

    Now I try to live my life helping my sick neighbors by cleaning their house....staying with them to keep them company or running them to the clinic.....This is true Christian love..........not a 5 minute visit from elders.


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