JWs Live In Their Own Little World

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  • minimus

    One thing I'm convinced of is that JWS live in their own little bubble. The world could be in chaos around them but not missing a meeting is what's most important. Children of JWs could be going thru teenage trauma or even molestation, but are they getting their "time" in?? Old Witnesses might be struggling in every possible way but did they "give Jehovah even 15 minutes during the month"? ........Can you add to the list???

  • ColdRedRain

    They believe any negative criticism is due to an ex member having an axe to grind faking a story.

  • StinkyPantz

    No "worldly" friends allowed, and as little time as possible should be spent with worldly relatives..

  • minimus

    They insulate you. You CAN'T associate with them. You can't go to a party, a dance, a social club----you can't do anything "normal". "Normal" is "worldly".

  • Gopher

    The world may be in chaos... but the JW's ignore it.

    WTS Headquarters after the 9/11/01 terrorist attack on NY City was a great example of this. The world was going to pieces around them, and did they help out? No, they shuttered their windows at headquarters and told the minions there to keep working.

    Oh, later on they did "help" by going to Ground Zero and preaching.

  • Netty

    They could be going through serious illness, the type where they should be nowhere but laid up in bed, But NO, they are so proud of themselves that they made it to the meeting that night. Nevermind they set their recovery back for weeks, but they made it to one SILLY meeting.

  • minimus

    One sister was hacking and coughing profusely. I suggested that she go home from the meeting. she was astonished that I'd recommend such a thing. She told everyone how wonderful Brother Minimus was for caring about her health.....I dunno know.....

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Their non-JW relatives are expected to fully "understand", and comply, with the fall-out that is a result of their personal decisions based on their faulty theology. In other words, they expect the world to revolve around, and cater, to them, but they do not observe the same courtesy to those family members who are non-JWs.

    Country Girl

  • blondie

    I refer to that place as lala land.



  • minimus


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