Serena Williams (Dishonors) American Flag!

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  • boa
    A flag is nothing more than a logo for a country.

    Perhaps to some...but a canadian flag sewn onto your backpack can save your skin when traveling in some countries...

  • Scully

    Voyager, dude... get a grip, ok??

    Is there a point to dragging me into this discussion?? I'm just one of several Forum Assistants here, so I'm not quite sure where you're trying to go with this.

    I am quite certain though, that I have never requested your "help".

    As you mentioned, the event in the picture you're posting happened almost two years ago. It was discussed at length back then. If you aren't inclined to do a little research to see how the discussion went when the event was current (which really would be "help"ful to begin with), then you really ought to be prepared for the lumps you get.

    Here's the original thread. Serena Williams Sits On US Flag I suggest you go read it.

    Love, Scully

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    jwbot: "Also, why are people so quick to jump on her? she certainly means no disrespect. She did not flip off the flag and go "fuck you Australia". People are so picky sometimes."

    Didn't mean to get heavy! :-) Certainly not Serena's issue... it was a good informal photo shoot, no issue from me on the photos at all.

    I was just fucked off that the site we were linked to reckoned it was such a big, big, huge, massive issue that the US flag touched the ground given that they were showing pictures of the US flag being used in a way that could be read as saying 'fuck you Aust, UK and France' in a symbolic/protocol way (but noone normal would think that)... although maybe what I said didn't come over that way... :-)

    No sensible person would give a rat's toss about any of it, but there's so much f'ing stupidity about on these issues (like on that site, IMO) that I felt moved to point out the obvious coz I think cretins get away with too much BS.

    Cheers, Max :-)

  • wednesday

    Ther are many people who feel the flag of their country is a symbol of their country and assign it honor. I happen to feel that way. I am not a cretin, btw.

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    Of course Wednesday, no dispute from me - I respect any nation's flag, not just my own.

  • orbison11


    intersting post, also what if it was her grandmother's wedding gown, would she lay it on the ground and pose?


  • Roddy

    jwbot <<Also, why are people so quick to jump on her? she certainly means no disrespect. She did not flip off the flag and go "fuck you Australia". People are so picky sometimes.>>

    True but if you want to foster understanding then you have to act understandingly. If someone's object is a representation of their memory of their mother, for example, then you have to respect their beliefs on how their object should be treated rather than your own belief of how it should be treated. Or else what "understanding" have you accomplished except a new way to offend them and they to dislike you?

  • Voyager


    Thats just the kind of reply expected from you. Are you saying that (no) subjects (ever) get repeated on this forum? I suggest that you get a grip. Are you saying that someone out there may not have seen it? Do you only care about what (you) have seen before? What about others Scully-Chick?

    Get serious---the 144,000 has been discussed on this forum 100 times.

    Have you memorized all those Scully-chick?

    If not--go read them.

  • orbison11

    ------->ducking big time

  • Voyager


    ducking?--no way---------we have been without electric here in Florida for over a week!

    Take care.

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