Serena Williams (Dishonors) American Flag!

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  • flower

    Wasnt she born and raised a witness? She probably had no idea about the rules on the flag, I know I wouldn't know what they are and I've been out a few years now. Shes just trying to keep her bum clean and the flag was the closest thing to sit on. Kinda funny actually. Its all those little things like that which sheltered witnesses never learn that are so hard to catch up on once you leave.

  • BluesBrother

    I looked at this link. It is, ahem! rather right wing in my European opinion. Thank God that I live in a country where one can have the national flag on your backside if you wish and nobody gives a damn.... Since the site owners seem to endorse violence if used to protect a piece of cloth, I believe that they have lost the real values of what that flag is supposed to represent, Ie, liberty, justice and freedom

    Citizen protection of the U.S. flag -- A few years ago, in Texas, a band of irate citizens may have shown how to preempt more flag legislation or a constitutional amendment when they roughed up a group of protesters burning and defacing a U.S. flag. April 25, 1976 Chicago Cub outfielder Rick Monday intercepted a flag burner at Dodger Stadium during a baseball game and extinguished the burning flag. Former Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda mentioned this in testimony to the U.S. Congress. The idea of individuals taking action to protect the flag is appealing to people that favor the original idea of limited government and greater citizen responsibility

    Around here we would call that grievous bodily harm

  • Voyager


    Thank you Maverick. Thats all I was posting the information for. The (bad) taste shown by a JW (in) good standing. The thing is of course, why would she be having anything to do with (any) flags in the first place, no matter what country the flag is from.

    I also thought that the moderators on this forum would pay a little more attention to ones who only want to (trash) the information people post. We are supposed to be posting information that we feel is (involving) JWs and other information that some people would feel worth reading.

    Information we post sometimes is not as important to some as it is to others. But we still keep trying. Calling our work (irrelevant)--and (asinine)--does nothing to help the reputation of the forum. Some of us (appreciate) Simon, and want to (aid) in making his forum the very best. Trashing peoples research does (not) accomplish this task.

    Then when we do so, the (Master Member) wants to show us what an example of the forum he is, by turning us away from the forum, by trashing our attempts to help Simon and Skully.

    We are trying to help Simon and Skully and the other Moderstors, but if what we post is only going to be insulted by those who feel their (opinion) of our information is so high and mighty that all they can do is trash us, then they are actually working against Simon and the moderators--by turning us away.

    I was only trying to do what Simon has told me to do---and that is---do the best you can!


  • czarofmischief

    While you can certainly do whatever you want, if you burn the flag, you've insulted the populace. that's why they DO it. If it didn't insult people it wouldn't be a useful form of protest. Of course, if you piss off people, they do tend to beat the snot out of you. Of course,Europeans seem to enjoy absorbing insults.


  • boa

    Voyager....great me thinking about this subject....beyond Serena's disrespect whether she realized it or not. I read the 'rules of the flag' as well and they make sense from a certain standpoint.

    In a simplistic explanation, people come together over time for various reasons and form a country to pool resources leading to a form of security and self-preservation for that group. A flag representing the ideals and goals of that country is an important symbol that unites people to the cause including protecting freedom (in the USA, liberty) and feeding the homeless, hungry, sick, of that country and others.

    Thus, Utopian Reformist is either ignorant, yanking us, or a jerk-off (insert additional choices here).

    I was a dub for a long time and even I somehow knew that respect for a revered symbol would include NOT laying it on the ground nor sitting on it. Would you put your grandma's heirloom prize-winning quilt on the dirt and sit on it??? I doubt it and virtually everyone should know even a dumb dub that the flags are important and revered national symbols of pride that wars are even fought over.

    Voyager, nice thread but your last post above sounds like a lot of whining ass-kissing. Utopian Reformist is allowed as much as anyone a valid, however stupid I might think it, viewpoint on a public db eh : ) If you think he 'trashed' your thread, omg, you haven't been around much....that was very tame

    boa....gonna go find the canuck flag rules now....

  • the mole
    the mole

    is jehovah going to be mad at her? is she a witness? whats the purpose of the post?

  • Englishman

    It beats me why flag etiquette is taken so seriously at all.

    It's only a National symbol of one's country. And one's country is only one's country, due to what is, after all, only an accident of birth.

    Oh well, I guess the Brits have gone well beyond respecting anyone's flag. Here's a pic of our own:

    So we definitely ain't gonna be paying too much respect to anyone elses, are we?


  • RR

    oh puleeze ... it's okay for people to burn the flag in protest, but God forbid it touches the ground! Give me a break!

  • jwbot

    A flag is nothing more than a logo for a country.

  • jwbot

    Also, why are people so quick to jump on her? she certainly means no disrespect. She did not flip off the flag and go "fuck you Australia". People are so picky sometimes.

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