Biscuits or Toast?

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  • Panda

    JH, You live in Brazil and you don't drink coffee? But orange juice is much much better for your health. What do you put on your toast? Butter, jam, or peanut butter?

  • Devils Advocate
    Devils Advocate

    Panda -

    I guess toast since it won't fall apart in your coffee or milk or orange juice like a buscuit will. I personally prefer saltines to dunk in my milk. Doughnuts for my coffee. Buscuits for my gravy. Toast for my jelly. Coffee cake is good for coffee too especially if it's a few days old and kinda stale. But then that remeinds me of JW assemblies as a kid so I dont go there too often.

    Do you really drink tea in the morning? Is that a rich person thing or do all Texans drink tea in the morning? The rich people in Missouri all own Krispy Kremes so tea is definately out. LOL

  • Panda

    Devils Advocate, I grew up drinking hot tea in the morning. I think it comes from parents who were 1st generation Americans --- yeah I'm only 2nd generation so I probably still have the stink of IMMIGRANT!!!!! My first cup of coffee ---- I was 22 and working as a waitress. Then joining the borg coffee was the mainstay. Now in Texas we drink iced tea all year 'round. In China I drank hot green tea day in and day out.

    In the morning I truly love a cup of coffee --- good strong coffee.

  • Soledad

    ok, bear with me

    biscuits=cookies? how do you eat that with sausage gravy??

    mother is from Trinidad and in the morning it was usually tea toast and jam or water crackers with a soft boiled egg sprinkled with curry

  • Mac
    Mac , I was off trying to learn how to use some software...and then get some sleep. Waxing philosophic , eh? So did you have Latte in a bowl today?

    Yeppers...and I drank it through a bendy straw with nifty blue stripes. Had to cut a little off the length though, to make it functional. These are the moments of our lives. mac

  • Panda

    Mac, It doesn't really have to be a bowl. It would also be ok to use one of those large soup mugs, you know the ones with the handles. AND little kids have short straws in their sippy cups. Maybe you need one of those.

  • wannaexit

    toast for me with "latte e caffee" every single morning.


    My family has also adopted the italian traditional breakfast of dunkin sweet biscuits or bread in milk and coffee.

    We call it "zuppa".


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