Gawd I hate them...

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  • Princess

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    I was told by the 911 operator that there are noise ordinances but they probably have a permit to operate when the lot is empty.

    Czar, you obviously haven't read my other complaints about this church. They are the worst neighbors and have no respect for the people who live in the neighborhood. I am sure they just never gave it a second thought. 3:30am ? Sure, we aren't there then so go for it.

    They suck and they know I hate them because my daughter (6year old) told them.

    I'd love to have the pastor's phone number so I can call him next time and let him listen to the noise.

    Steve has had several run-ins with them. I'm pretty sure they cringe when they see him coming. He was camping overnight but I'll send him over to deal with them later.

    Perhaps tomorrow about 10am I'll park my car on the street in front of the church and have trouble turning off my car alarm for about an hour.

  • czarofmischief

    Wasn't there a rash of church fires a while back? Not suggesting anything, just... saying... heh heh heh...


  • jwbot

    Princess, I like the car alarm idea.

    If you can figure out the Pastors name, you can find the number ( etc).

    Fight the fine fight!!

  • MegaDude


    I had a neighbor whose dogs barked constantly in the middle of the night. I gritted my teeth through the first episode. The second time I called him (1:30 a.m.) and let the phone ring until he answered it. I was nice and said, "Hey, could you get your dogs to quiet down? They're waking me up." Three days later, the same thing. I called him, was nice, "Your dogs are barking again." Again, apologies, dogs put in house. A few days later, it happened again. This time I yelled at him. I cursed him. Did no good. It kept happening. I kept up my barrage of calls.

    Finally I considered my options. I searched the internet to see what other people did. My options were:

    1. Poison the dogs. Quite easy but a painful slow death for the animal. I love dogs. I was pissed at the owner, not the dogs. I was surprised how many people on the Net advocated this method and claimed to have used it.

    2. Call the cops every time. There are laws about this thing and they issue tickets.

    3. Sue him.

    The next time the dogs woke me up in the middle of the night I told him, "That's it. You are a terrible neighbor. You don't care. You are going to force me to sue you. You are going to hear from my lawyer, you jerk." (G rated version) I then called the cops on him and every time thereafter the dogs began their middle-of-the-night barking.

    Tickets are expensive for this, $100 plus, and after he got one he woke up. He got shock collars which shock the dogs when they bark. It worked. He did apologize in person. I told him all I wanted was a good night's sleep, that it wasn't personal. (That was a lie. By then it was personal but I was trying to keep it neighborly) Six months later he moved. Happy day for me.

    I guess the moral of the story is consider all your options and use every legal means of rectifying the situation. But make sure you talk to *the pastor* every time the church does something. Only talk to the top guy. Be nice at first. Be nice the next two or three times. Then consider what legal "big stick" you can use and be relentless.

  • kwintestal

    Maybe a shock collar on the Sweeper Operator will work.

  • Mulan

    I wonder if you could get a 'restraining order' about noise. There must be something like that.

    I suspect that talking to them will likely take care of the problem. They must not have known it would be done in the middle of the night. Would they?

  • Elsewhere
    What should I do? I think I'm screwed on this one as they have a permit. I am going to gather the neighbors for support.

    Talk to your neighbors and all of you can take this to the City Council. I'm sure they would be willing to wave the permit because of the complaints. That is generally now a City Council works... they will let anyone get away with just about anything until someone complains.

    Don't suffer in silence.

    If that does not work, try calling the local news stations. Here in the Dallas area a local channel has a ?What?s bugging you?? segment where they go around addressing things like this.

    If that does not work, then organize with your neighbors so that one at a time you all take terns banging on the church door while they are conducting a service to offer them some BS flyer or the Watchtower magazines. So long as everyone is acting individually they will have to individually notify you all to go away. (Make sure you bring something heavy and hard to bang on the door)

    If that does not do it, then a group of you can go into the church during service and make annoying noises? cough all the time? yell ?Praise the Lord? at the wrong time? etc?

    They are abusing their liberties to annoy their neighbors? you can do the same back at them!

  • glitter

    Invite a load of Satanists round to have a loud gathering in your garden during their service.

    Do Satanists get up early enough on a Sunday morning?

  • Princess

    I just was chatting with my 6'4" Norwegian neighbor who is actually more angry than I am. He called and left a message for the pastor at 4am asking for the names and numbers of the board of directors...since he was up anyway...

    He knows Steve will walk over anytime of the night to shut them up so he was trying to see if we had lights on. I told him Steve will surely do something but he wasn't home last night. He suggested blocking them in with our trucks (there was a sweeper truck and a blower). He liked my car alarm idea too. My neighbor is going to get the guy on the other side to call and I'll check with the people on down the street. I called and thanked the pastor for the 3:30am wake up call and told him if it happens again we'll take action.

    Thanks for the tip Jerry. I know we have rights and I won't stand for it. I know the pastor's name and I'm going to try to get his home number. I will be a thorn in their sides until this stops.

    Seriously considering the car alarm idea... it's new and I don't know how to turn it off!

  • Princess

    That was easy. He lives really close to my mom and dad. (he's in Blueridge mom) I have his home phone number too.

    This is news to share with the neighbors.

    Pastor Jerry won't be sleeping either next time the parking lot is cleaned.

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