Did Jesus and Peter miss something in the story of Flood?

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  • peacefulpete

    Annanias....I just sold my copy of Velikovsky's "When Worlds Collide". It was a classsic case of pseudoscience capturing the imaginations of the masses. Absolutly nothing about his wild theory of orbital shifts holds water. There is no evidence at all for the cataclysms he proposed to have happened in the last few thousands of years. Unfortunately the book was well written and masked itself as science to an uninformed public and has become a cult classic.

  • Annanias


    I agree with your assessment of Velikovski's book; however, I wasn't mentioning it necessarily as a science reference. My point was that from time to time catastrophic events have shaped our world. Although Velikovski may have not had definitive proof of his theories (but how could he in 1925), the fact that he tied much of Biblical history to natural events, i.e. God made the sun shine over Israel for a continuous 24 hours for Joshua, means that it must have been dark in the western hemisphere for a continuous 24 hours and Velikovski finds an Incan reference to such an event, hmmm. The flood discussion had brought a couple of references to the idea that the flood was "local" as opposed to global. I saw a program on TV (Discovery channel, I think) where Bob Ballard went looking for evidence of Noah's flood based upon the theory that it was a "local occuance" in the area of the Black Sea. It made me wonder why people would beg the issue of what the Bible reported about the flood? The fact that we had an asteroid do the dinosaurs world wide, kind of proves that externaly originated occurences do happen and do affect the earth globally. If the flood happened globally, there would have to be a lot of water comming from somewhere. If the water were locked in the atmosphere in the form of vapor (possible), that would mean a lot of clouds (also possible). If the earth existed like that for some time, obviously some sort of balance had to have been reached that kept that much water suspended (possible?), and then something "catastrophic"(?) had to occur to cause the water to condense. Well, a few possibilities jump to mind: volcanism, sun spot activity, even orbital shift of the earth. Well, if orbital shift is chosen as the culprit, then a mechanism is necessary, and Velikovski's is as good as any.

    Velikovski was born 50 years too soon. Can you imagine what kind of following he would have today in our world of DaVinci Codes, and Bible Codes, and Fingerprints of the Gods? Anyway, you are right, his book has become a cult classic. I wonder if that's what the Bible will be reduced to soon?

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