Do you miss your parents?

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  • cyberguy

    My mom died when I was 19; she was near death when I was 17/18, but somehow, held-on (this is a long story, sometime I?ll elaborate). Anyway, I was able to spend a little bit of time with my dad in his last years; in fact, I flew him out to Hawaii a couple of times with me, to just enjoy each other?s company! I review our pictures often!

    I miss my dad! He died about 7 years ago. Anyway, my brother (who is biological sibling, an "elder") no longer speaks to me, because he thinks I?m an ?apostate,? the most evil entity in JW?dumb-thinking, even beyond the Devil, simply because I don?t recognize the GB as being ?directly appointed by Christ!? Well, he can kiss my ass!

    I?m SURE GLAD I HAVE YOU FOLKS HERE ON SIMON?S BOARD AS REAL FAMILY! Thanks for all your loving support!

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    tough question !!!!!!!!!

    I dont miss them, but i do hate them, i have struggled with this for a long time and still do, my dad has passed on, and my mom is a lost soul, i guess they missed the whole meaning of life, and meaning of having children, instead the carrot (paradise earth) leading the horse was more important.

    I wish i had a better relationship with them , but what can you do, cant pick your parents and cant pick your neighbors. I have accepted this.

    I have the same problem, elder brother and special pioneer sister, its not pretty when we do chat, and its very few and far between. Usually years between calls.

  • Earnest

    My mum and dad died when I was 18, in 1971. It is only recently that I realise how much of my life revolved around the expectation of their resurrection shortly after '75. I miss them a great deal and often think of them, especially my dad. I think of the grandchildren they missed out on, and the children who never knew their grandparents. I understand many of the decisions they made now that I have children of my own and often have moments of enlightenment as I see them as people rather than parents. I am eternally grateful to them for my life and everything they added to it.


  • lisavegas420

    Both of my parents are still alive, as is my sister and brothers, neices and nephew. But they too are following the carrot as is tradition for this family It's been more than 6 years since I've even seen them. I've spoken to them 3 times in the last 6 years on the phone I called them each time. . Except for the one time my dad to called to say my mom was in the hospital. I thanked him for calling and said I love you, and he hung up on me. I called my mom at the hospital and told her that I loved her and she hung up on me. I called last April and told them than my daugher (24) just had her third child, a boy this time. They didn't answer the phone and never returned the call to either me or my daugher. I've been shunned for the last 17 years.

    I don't miss THEM....they are spiteful and mean. I miss what could have been . ( And since they are still living, maybe will have someday. but i am becomming less and less hopeful as they get older and older).

    What could have been is......

    What I do and will continue to have with my children and grandchildren............. A real un-conditional loving family.....I have started new family traditions. That don't include mega door to door work weekends or boring assembly vacations or family drives to the meetings.

    So to answer your question NO...I don't really miss my parents.....actually sometimes I wonder if I would even LIKE them...hmmmm


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I saw them today for the first time for a while.

    I thought we had an agreement. He doesn't talk about his faith and I won't attack his leaders.

    He blew it today. Only the second visit after we came to that agreement and Jehovah's terrorist is on the warpath again.

    I walked out after telling him to find me three books that backed up his 607. He just looked me in the eyes and said "It's the truth"

    I only miss the parents they might have been.

  • blondie


    Father--unrepentant sexual abuser

    Mother--unrepentant accomplice

    End of story


  • kls

    No my parents are where they belong,dead. Physical abuse was everyday. At the dinner table if you were to reah across the table you would get a fork stabbed in your hand. Daily beating of a belt or large stick were used and the fist while the mother sat drunk . The mother was a mean drunk ,one of her favorites was to throw knives and see if she could hit one of us. This is just a smitten . Father killed himself when i was 14 and mother died of cancer 10years ago. Good riddance to them

  • Xena

    Yes, they both died about 5 years ago. I especially miss my mom, we were very close. She was a beautiful person.

    It is only recently that I realise how much of my life revolved around the expectation of their resurrection shortly after '75.

    That was and is still is hardest thing for me...dealing with the fact that I may never see her again.

  • Mulan

    Mine are still alive..................90 and 91. Dad has some health problems but Mom is going strong. I think she will live to be 100.

    What's that old saying "How can I miss you if you don't leave?" (**kidding**)

  • Mystery

    My dad never knew me...he died 4 years ago. My mom still doesn't know me and she is still alive.

    She will never know her daughter, nor her 2 grandson's.

    Facades are all she will ever know of us.

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