Who the hell is Dr. H.O.Phillips????

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    If I ate locusts, I'd definitely need Milk O Magnesia: dry little pests that they are.

    Country Girl

  • blondie

    The WTS has been known to write and submit articles for publication to medical journals (some JWs are doctors you know) and then turn around and quote from the medical journal as if a non-JW had written the article.

    I have my contacts out too Nathan. I wonder what we can find out.


  • Sunnygal41

    HO Phillips.............hmmmm, isn't he the guy who created "Phillips Milk of Magnesia"?


  • Farkel

    : What is the nature of this Doctor's doctorate?

    He's probably like "Dr. H. Francis Hitching" who has been often quoted as a "noted scientist" by the WTS. In fact Hitching has no training in the fields he talks about. He's a wacko nutball paranormalist who produces such schlock as those "In Search of Noah's Ark" type series.


  • jschwehm

    Or he could be like Dr. Denys of Blood Booklet fame.

    Jeff S.

  • VM44
    Someone sent a letter to the AMA making these claims. They don't even pretend to offer any substantiation for the claims. Insight is attempting to impress the reader by invoking titles and organization names, and then pander to what the reader wants to hear. The reader is so busy being impressed that "a doctor" (!) wrote a letter to the AMA (!) saying these things (!) that they don't notice that there is no actual information in the quote.

    This is a logical fallacy known as "Appeal To Authority." Useful in presenting propaganda. The Watchtower writers obviously feel it is OK to use it. Of course, they also feel it is OK to take quotes out of context, twist quotations to imply something different than the original author meant, and NOT to give references in many instances to quotes, making it hard or impossible to look them up.

    The training Watchtower writers received is to write PROPAGANDA, not to present logical, factual arguments. That being the case, it is no wonder they violate academic standards left and right. They have set their own standards.

    Motto of the Watchtower writers:



  • Earnest

    Harry Orville Philips was born January 8, 1921, in Olathe, Kansas. After returning from a tour in the Navy during World War II, he attended the University of Kansas and received a medical degree. He and his wife lived in Lone Star, Texas, from 1950-1964 where he was medical director for Lone Star Steel, and they both became heavily involved in a new independent Baptist church in Hughes Springs, Texas.

    In 1962 they went on vacation to the Navajo Reservation and moved there in 1964. In May 1967 they were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries. Dr. Philips served as a doctor and missionary to the Navajo people for 32 years in Crystal, N.M., and Crownpoint, Arizona.

    He died in his sleep on Thursday, February 8, 1996.

  • DaCheech

    As they say in the footnote of the WT and Awake articles "names have been changed to......"

  • DaCheech

    HR Puffnstuff

  • observador
    My guess is that they found a doctor at Bethel, wrote a letter, and got him to send it to the AMA. Boom. Manufactured quote. Easy as pie.

    That is most likely what happened...!

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