Who the hell is Dr. H.O.Phillips????

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  • Terry

    Book:INSIGHT on the Scriptures (WTB&TS)

    Volume 1, page 632/633


    Subheading: Accuracy of Scriptural Concepts.

    Setting: The Society is trying to say that the writings of Moses, a thousand years earlier than Hippocrates, the Greek "Father of Medicine", were vastly superior in descriptions of diseases and treatments. To support their view they use these words:


    At which point they quote somebody named Dr. H.O. Philips, in a letter to the AMA [American Medical Association]

    "The best informed medical researchers now doing the best work are arriving at the conclusion that the Bible is a very accurate scientific book."

    Is this Doctor a shill for the WT Society?

    He goes on to say in his letter quoted by the Insight book:

    "The facts of life, diagnosis, treatment, and preventive medicine as given in the Bible are far more advanced and reliable than the theories of Hippocrates, many still unproven, and some found to be grossly innaccurate".

    I smell a rat.


    1.How did the writer of the INSIGHT article become privvy to a letter by this doctor to the AMA?

    2.What is the nature of this Doctor's doctorate?

    3.Who in their right mind (or left brain) would try to prove such a ludicrous assertion but the WT writers?

    The Insight book is filled with carefully contrived quotes and attributions that smell. I suspect this is bogus too. How could I verify/falsify it?

  • seattleniceguy

    I just searched on Google and the AMA site for various permutations of Dr. H. O. Phillips, with no results. This doesn't disprove anything, but it is a place to start.

    However, even without determining the identity of our mystery Dr. Phil, we can throw the quote out as outrageous bunk. Look at what it says. Someone sent a letter to the AMA making these claims. They don't even pretend to offer any substantiation for the claims. Insight is attempting to impress the reader by invoking titles and organization names, and then pander to what the reader wants to hear. The reader is so busy being impressed that "a doctor" (!) wrote a letter to the AMA (!) saying these things (!) that they don't notice that there is no actual information in the quote.

    My guess is that they found a doctor at Bethel, wrote a letter, and got him to send it to the AMA. Boom. Manufactured quote. Easy as pie.


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Isn't he the guy that invented Phillip's Milk O Magnesia?


    Country Girl

  • kls


  • MerryMagdalene

    Went to the Journal of the American Medical Association and did a search for any letters or articles contributed by H.O. Phillips from 1966 to the present and came up with 0.

  • kls

    Ha, no one can find any info. on Doc. Phillips. I think i smell a rat.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I checked the Insight book, and it cites thusly:

    Dr. H. O. Philips, in a letter to The AMA [American Medical Association] News, published in its issue of July 10, 1967.

    So what we need to do is find the July 10, 1967 issue of The AMA News.


  • Quotes

    If anyone finds the original quote, I will add this to the quotes site (both the letter from AMA news and the Insight quote).

    BTW, IMHO:

    Things the bible is good for:

    • Genocide instructions

    • Condoning Slavery

    • Useless platitudes

    • banning shell-fish food, but OK'ing Locusts to eat (????)

    • Ambiguous Parables

    • Publishing Company's profits

    • Pulp & Paper Manufacturers

    Things the bible is NOT good for:

    • Ark & boat building instructions

    • Anything Technical or Engineering related

    • Anatomy

    • Physiology

    • Psychology

    • Accurate Historical Accuracy, details (I mean, come on, was it a cross, or a stake? Be clear and we wouldn't have this confusion!

    • Explaining why humans are only a tiny spec of dust in this HUGE universe -- seems pretty inefficient, don't you think?

    • Explaining why humans, god's favorite creation, have only been on Earth for a few tens-of-thousands of years, but the planet has been around for 4.5 billion -- again, strikingly inefficient

    • Anything related to medicine, science, or cool rational thought.

    Obviously Dr. H.O.Phillips has a different opinion than mine. But since he's written a letter to the AMA, I guess his opinion is more important.....

    ~Quotes, of the "Professional Engineer who is going to write a letter to the ASME praising the bible's boat building instructions so I can be quoted by Watchtower" class
  • seattleniceguy


    Wow, you rock, Quotes.


  • Panda

    Quotes, Your list is great! And proves once again that desert nomads wrote the bible... eating locusts is sometimes the only way to survive treking across desert areas. No pigs or shellfish for nomads. I just finished reading a desert survival story (non-fiction) and so many of the "Laws" in the Bible are simply expressions of the lifestyle.

    I know this is off topic but hey com'on it's a little bit on topic...

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