A Cup of Urine A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away

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  • minimus

    Well, please have one in me.

  • Balsam

    Well pee is waste material from our bodies, just like poop is, should we be consuming our own waste products like dogs do. Yick big time!!!!

  • one

    Te urine test was incidental. Friday night i had a few beers and naturally had to go to the bathroom to piss.

    I did not perform the act as rquired (you know the ceremonial shaking after the full discharge ( for being in a hurry to go right back to the dancing floor). My pant got wet with a few drops of urine.

    Saturday night i wear the same pant, shirt was clean from laundry.. and went dancing again (tourist center).

    After a while (urine 'frangance' dispersed), there before me was a great multitude (girls but some men included... but shunned) that no one could count.

    I had to take girls two at the time in a effort to please all of them, time running short.

    fast forward... (This whole thing is too long and too funny)

    By the end of the whole episode an amazed young man said to me, "you know what... they go after you becasue your dancing style is very different than the rest of us..."

    and I said to him "NO I pissed my pants", (me him)

    Stay tune for specific details

  • frankiespeakin


    Boy all that from just some accidental dripping on you pants. Just think of what would happen if you deliberately put some behind your ears, in your hair, and on your wrists.

    Oh and don't forget to cover up.

  • one


    Urine is good for your selfsteem, if used properly.

    Now lets go back back to the "multitude" that I 'revealed' to you...I will continue the stories backward, (it easier last in first out, FIFO dont work here) , what made the young man make his comment was that he saw this:

    I was wearing a hat (getting use for cia project, read Deja Vu topic for more details, i got to stay on track on this one). A young tall blond (semmed like she could read and write, but lacked endurance) tourist girl from spain, could not get her piece of me, really.

    Tired of wating, frustraded, grabbed my hat and said "I am not giving it back to you it is mine from now on", then told me exaclty were she will be until next sunday and walked out, no kidding,

    Urine is the only explanation to the above attitude.

    She was not aware that i did no piss the hat but my pants. I bet she does not even know the "properties" and curative effects of urine.

    I know she was part of the "great crowd" but stood way behind (really crowed), and i dont agree with Mathew about that " many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first"

    Sorry for playing the video backwards, but stay tune for more.
  • minimus


  • one

    I did not forget to update you in my latest finding...

    As i prophetized to this insane group last night, in another thread, i did went to my urine lab last night

    but there were no eunogh specimen (samples) to do the testing for a reliable conclusion, (althogh i already have a conclusion), so i had to change the subject title above.

    I blame those "turkeys" for it.

  • minimus

    One, you're a sick "one".

  • one


    you are offending me,

    you know very well that only post here empirical data.

  • minimus

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