What Is The Real Truth Behind Disfellowshipping?

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  • Golf

    The many posts about disfellowshipping prompted to throw in my 2 cents. What is the real truth behind disfellowshipping?

    My present thinking is this, over the years, JW's have been indoctrinated to avoid 'independent' thinking. Why? Is it because the truth would eventually be known as to what really goes on behind closed doors? With all the news (negative) coming in from different sources about many topics, there is a stench smell in the WTBTS.

    Is the WTBTS a communist front? I ask this question because when organizations do the thinking for you, it's communism. If you do not follow party rules, your history!

    No, Herman Zweigart and the hundreds of thousands that have been disfellowshipped are not alone, why?

    I would appreciate your thoughts.

    Guest 77

  • metatron

    I would say that the current threat of disfellowshipping critics and disbelievers within the organization is exposing just

    how intellectually bankrupt the Watchtower is. They can't defend their doctrines or practises with any degree of depth

    so totalitarian control is their goal. At some point, they must hit bottom while trying to dumb down the organization.

    If you like the Communist analogy ( I do), then they will encounter the same roadblocks as the Soviets did :

    particularily the emergence of childlike Witnesses who need to be treated as if feeble minded and utterly dependent.

    The phrase "too stupid to live" comes to mind.


  • Golf

    Thanks Metatron. Total submission to any organization prevents one from expressing 'free' will. It's the weak and feeble minded persons who are willing to submit to such control. They give away their 'freedoms' at any and all costs.

    Positive thinking persons, be it for the good or evil, will not submit to outside control. These people will sacrifice their lives and freedoms to be their own person.

    Guest 77

  • Snapdragon

    It think your last point is quite valid, Guest.

    Look around this forum. I'd say on whole, the people who were DF'd, Removed etc, are the strong willed ones. We've all been described by the elders as "spiritually stagnant, strong willed, unwilling to follow (my favorite word) guidance". I bet money that if we could compare all our cards the elders kept on us, we'd see a trend.

    I've often thought about the real truth behind disfellowshipping. It has TORN my family to shreds. Some people follow the rules more diligently then others, in my family. My grandparents have been unable to completely toss aside their daughter (my mom), while her own sisters act with selfless love for the Jehovah, and shun her. If they were to see the error of their ways now, think of how destroyed the past 15 years would be for them.

    It is like a lot of us here, following the way whole heartedly, only to be forced to see the falsities we were living for so long. Remember how painful that truth was/is? Disfellowshipping remains because to deny the validity of it now underminds a major stone in the WTBTS foundation.


    And yes, communism is a great analogy. I'd never thought of it that way. The only difference being that communists could force an entire nation to become part of the collective. But Witnesses practice in a freedom-of-religious-choice country; so you join by free will, but you end up getting stuck, by free will, too.

  • Golf

    Snapdragon, communism has many subtlies. To make in work in North America, it can't be open, because freedom loving people will not tolerate their freedoms to be taken away from them. Take the case of guns. Gun owners do not want to giveup this right to own a gun. But who wants it and why? Communism in North America has to be done 'gradually' and in an unsuspecting manner.

    Religion has deprived us our sovereign rights and what methods do they use? I'll let you answer that question.

    Guest 77

  • ezekiel3

    As I was reading this thread I was thinking "Jesus never disfellowshipped anyone." And then Oh, yeah, it was Paul who spoke wrote all the DFing scriptures (not that I believe they apply to JW style DF policy).

    Then I realized an interesting reality, when JWs are recruiting it is about Jesus: loving, allowing critical questions, ignoring "bad behavior" as long as the student is making "progress."

    After a person gets baptized JWs switch to Paul: procedure, authoritarian, men first, pharisees and...disfellowshipping.

    The old bait and switch?

  • Erich

    Disfellowshipping yes/no ?

    A very difficult question. Certainly every type of social relationship (groups, clans, organizations, firms, states or countries...) in the world KNOWS the disassociation or disfellowshipping in any manner. A governed state e.g. throws the malefactors or lawbreakers into jail after court-decision. Its a kind of "disassociation" too.

    Jesus Christ said: "If he (the sinner) does not listen even to the congregation, let him be to you just as a man of the nations and as a tax collector". What he meant, was a type of non-formal disfellowshipping.

    The main problem is IMO as follows: There is an need for ABSOLUTE transparency in all things. If parts of members get the feeling of concealment, suspicion or conspiration in a congregation, then will occur distrust. If all such problems were discussed open for public, and transparently, as it is usual in a brotherhood (look at your own family!) no troubles would emerge.


  • jwbot

    Communism is a type of economy.

    Just thought I would clear that misconception up...

  • Ratboy
    Communism is a type of economy.

    Just thought I would clear that misconception up...

    I was thinking the same. Communism has nothing to do with totalitarianism.

  • Snapdragon

    Good point Ezekiel. I had often thought of it that way, only never put it into words. Remember how much they down play the "shunning" aspect, when questioned about it during studies? I'd sit there and bite my tongue, thinking about my family all the while. Makes my hairs rise!

    And thanks for the clarification there, Bot and Rat. I was using "communism" in the sense that the average lay person does, though. No offense intended.


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