Responding To Restraining Order and the Charges It Contains

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  • Corvin
    I don't have all the answers and I feel for you and your daughters. But I also feel for your wife right now. This situation is not a picnic for her either.

    I can state with absolute confidence that her kids are my kids and my kids are her kids. There are no step kids in this family. We are all together and we fight hard for one another. Mary and me, along with her ex and his wife, are all together when it comes to the kids. We actually sit down together and talk about our kids. We listen to each other and everyone's view point is considered. I have yet to deal with a situation regarding our kids that we did not come to absolute agreement on. Along with this, I must say that Mary is the catalyst for our collective parenting. Again, she is so amazing.

    She feels as though her own kids are being attacked, and while she is docile and not easily provoked, she is currently excellerating to all-out bitch mode on my kids behalf. My ex-wife fears her, LOL. Thanks for thinking of Mary. I will tell her.


  • bem

    Corvin good to hear from you some have been asking about you and were concerned for your family.

    Give Mary hugs for all of us I so admire her and you and the extended family involvement. I know in many cases the children suffer in a seperation/divorce. We've all seen that happen. You and Mary are showing that families can blend and do well. I have worked with families that have been adults in all things pertaining to the children, the children are better for it than being in a stressful invironment. Love always has a way. Sending Mary, & the Corvin family all the good thoughts and well wishes I have.


  • Confucious


    I almost can't bear to read this.


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