Responding To Restraining Order and the Charges It Contains

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  • minimus

    Outoftheorg is right! Please follow that advice!

  • LittleToe

    My biggest concern would be the effect on the kids, in all of this.
    You and your wife may get into a p*ssing match in court, etc., but how is this affecting the young ones?
    The same goes for the picketing - what are the implications on them?

    I am seriously impressed at your typing speed!
    Hopefully the judge will look well on it.

    Might I highlight a couple of points?

    First, are you allowed to start with a summary, befrore going into the detail?
    Second, is the title correct?
    Should it be " Response To Accusation of Most Recent Abuse" or "Response To Most Recent Accusation of Abuse"?

  • SheilaM

    ((((((Corvin))))))I wish you the best

  • Sirona


    Wow, I hope things work out best for the girls.

    Sorry that all of this had to happen too. Whilst I agree with the sentiments expressed about exposing the abuse, etc. a fear that a judge may see you as purely hating the WTS (JWs as a whole) and therefore think that you are overly biased against ex-wife and her hub. The impression I got was that in stating your problem with the religion, this waters down your case of them being abused by their now step-father, rather than supporting the case. Maybe if you'd talked less about your disagreements with the religion and your own childhood, and more about 100% facts to do with what *exactly* the abuse is. E.g. has he hit them? You were not definate on that from what I remember of reading it....forgive me if I missed that. Also is he guilty of sexual abuse?

    It might also be wise to state categorically that you will support any moves to have your children see counsellors or professionals to help them, and also to establish your innocence against your wife's claim. You need to show that her claim is 100% unfounded and to defend yourself you are open to ANY scrutiny. This way the judge will eliminate that as a possibility in his/her mind.

    Picketing was a mistake, IMHO....but that is just my opinion. When you first posted that I thought "great stuff Corvin" but now I think its given them a ticket to say YOU are irrational and YOU have a problem with the religion (so then they'll use that as their lever to say that your other accusations are false).

    This is all my opinion and I've said it to help I hope you see that,


  • BrendaCloutier

    {{{{ Corvin and family }}}}

    It is very common for the offending party to be the one to issue a restraining order. One finger pointing produces three pointing at the accusor. It is also far easier for a woman, charging abuse, to get an order, than for a man. That's simply how it is.

    I hope you have a good attorney that has some background on toxic religion. You will need an attorney to respond correctly, and pursue your own protection. You, too can file a protective order against Mark, even your wife.

    I know this is all a pain in the arse (and in the heart), but in time, you'll get through it. I also see you and your family coming out the other end victorious, flying your colors of freedom.

    Hugs and Love


  • Sirona

    What am I thinking? I forgot to give you and your girls a big hug aswell.

    ((((((((Corvin and Girls))))))))

    You can do it!


  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    Corvin, I read that and man, what a ride you and your family have been on! I really wish the best for you and your family.

    If I were you, I'd take $200 and spend an hour with a really good attorney for a consultation to see what the next step should be.

    IMO, you going into this without qualified legal help would be like a Pastor going in to defend a member of their church before a Judicial Committee. I imagine that there is a whole set of rules in play that goes beyond what is right and fair that may put you at a disadvantage without proper legal guidance.

    Best wishes, Paul

  • Leolaia

    I also hope you will have an attorney to help you through this morass because it is only going to get worse! Sara, in an irrational cultish way, thinks that she is fighting for her children's lives. Armageddon is overdue and the time has grown short to side with either Jehovah or Satan. You have sided with Satan in her mind, and she will do whatever it takes to get them back to Jehovah. Threatening them with "marking" is one way, another is getting them away from you. This is theocratic warfare, and looks like she is willing to make up anything that will stick in order to change custody arrangements in her favor. She will have the support of the congregation and elders (and perhaps even the WT legal staff, if this turns out to concern WT policy and eventually goes to court), and the sooner this is nipped in the bud the better. I am also very concerned on how the overall friction and animosity between mom and dad are affecting the kids. How did they do emotionally during the original divorce proceedings? I think it's possible that your daughter's crisis isn't simply due to abuse and maltreatment by Sara and her husband but also worsened by the "overall situation," that relations between mom and dad are at an all-time low and being stuck again in another big fight. Do you know how she is coping with those feelings?

  • Balsam

    Wishing you nothing but success in protecting your girl and getting them away from that awful mother and her husband for good. The WTS is vicious when it comes to how they fight against opposition to their power. Hang in there, good your girls are fired up they will need this to get though it. Hope your 15 year old will get all the help she needs to heal. Poor kid, warm hugs to you all.

    When my youngest son finally got fired up against the nonsense of the congregations and the WTS he has unfailingly not moved in his stand against them. He has said he wants to help bring the WTS down by exposing their lies and sick control over people's lives.


  • DevonMcBride


    In addition to finding a good lawyer, I recommend contacting Rick Ross ( or Steve Hassan ( Steve is a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in cults and mind controling groups. He has testified in court cases involving cults such as the one I mention above.


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