Power Outages at the KH

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  • JH

    Yea, I remember a power outage at the KH, and 9 months later, there were so many more kids at the KH.

  • Sunspot

    At a DC in Richmond VA (late '70's) the power went out during a bad storm. It was during Fred Franz's final talk and he roared on as usual! Didn't faze him at all!

    Dolly Parton was scheduled to perform that same night and I SO wanted to hide under the seat to see her show!!!!!

    Our own KH was always having power outages---we have them when a chicken crosses the road around here! Meetings have never been cancelled or nobody was ever sent home--we just toughed it out!

    In 30 years, I can only recall one meeting being dismissed early, due to an ice storm that hit quite fast----the media and police had said NO traffic on the roads---so the brothers let us go home!


  • BrendaCloutier

    I don't specifically remember any power outages, but I do remember one summer when the air conditioner went out. At least we had opening windows!

    My dad - electrician and jack of all thing mechanical - was working on it and found the problem. A fly had gotten squished in between the contacts on a switch! I was there working on the cleaning crew and he called me in just to see it. It was way cool. So, we had a literal bug in the system.

    BTW, the term BUG in software has it's basis in the same type of event. In the 50's when computers were manually switched, one failed. They found a swarm of gnats surrounding one switch and a gnat or 2 got in between the contacts. Hence "bug in the system".



  • Elsewhere
    10,000 JWs in the dark...but then what is new?


  • Sweetp0985

    I would get ecstatic when the weather would get toooo bad for anyone to be one the road...Bad thunderstorms, etc. and they would cancel the meeting....Or one time the air went out and they deemed it too hot to have the meeting.....Next day in field service, some of the holier-than-thou sisters were complaining talking about why cancel the meeting because of no air...our brothers and sisters in Africa with no electricity do all they can to have a meeting with no air at all...Even at that tender age I truly wanted to say *itch shut the F*** up!!!!!

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    We never had that luck unfortunately - however we never had meetings on Christmas day or New years day, because,

    " those without transport would find it difficult to get to the Hall. "


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