why do animals die?

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  • doogie

    if man dies because of inherited sin (as pretty much all bible based religions believe), why do animals die?

    if sin is "falling short of god's will" and sin results in death, how have animals "fallen short" thus deserving death? if there was a Dog Messiah, would animals be redeemed as well? what about plants?

    i've never heard an explanation for this. so, you Bible-Folks out there...what say you?

  • RunningMan

    Well, since death is caused by sin and imperfection, and we know that animals now die, then the original pair of animals created in the Garden of Eden must have intentionally sinned and passed on the imperfection to their children.

    In fact, since different species do not interbreed, and all species now die, then it must have been that every original species must have sinned prior to reproducing. The Garden of Eden must have been a hell of a place.

  • doogie

    hmm...and then why did god decide to save 2 of each sinful animal during the flood? he chose noah and his family to survive because they were the only righteous humans left. so not only did noah have to find 2 of each animal, he had to find 2 righteous ones of each species.

    and apparently there were ONLY 2 righteous animals of each species (except for the clean animals...[which of course were all of them since there was no law at that point...another subject]...there must've been 7 or 7 pairs of righteous ones of those.) since god of course wouldn't sentence to death any of his creation which didn't deserve punishment.

    ah...it's all making sense now

  • Terry

    wow! New LIGHT!

  • undercover

    I was thinking about that just the other day. If God is perfect, then he can only create perfection. If he created perfect animals (and people) then they wouldn't grow old and weak and then die.

    Someone might argue that God intentially created animals to die. Why? Why would a prefectionist create something to fail?

    The WTS teaches that man was supposed to live forever but by sinning lost everlasting life. The Genesis account does not say anywhere that man was to live forever. In fact, God expelled man from the Garden before he could eat of the tree of everlasting life. Why would that tree be needed if man already was to live forever?

    If God is perfect why did he invent evil? If God is perfect, then how did he create a creature that became Satan? God created Satan, therefore he created evil. People want to say that God gave his intelligent creatures free will. Fine. But if intelligent creatures were perfect, then they would always make perfect choices. If Eve was perfect, why was she so easlily deceived? A pefect person would not have been deceived.

    If God is perfect, why would he allow evil to exist? He created Satan, Satan turns bad. Pefection 0, evil 1. The perfect God does not destroy this imperfection right away but allows it to continue. Perfection 0, evil 2. Evil then turns "perfect" man into "evil". Perfection 0, evil 3. "Perfect man grows old and dies". Perfection 0, evil 4. Mankind ruins the earth and wages war, killing millions. Perfection 0, evil 5. On and on it goes.

    Who created implements of war? Evil or Perfection? Perfection. God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden and had the entrance guarded by angels and a flaming sword. Why a sword? Why was a war instrument needed to keep two naked people out of a garden?

    Point is, the whole creation bit and Garden of Eden bit with snakes and deadly fruit is all fairy tales. JWs and many other fundamentalists buy into it.

  • doogie
    If God is perfect, why would he allow evil to exist?

    its because of his perfect sense of justice, silly. its his perfect justice that requires that he allow evil humans to brutally slaughter and rape and pillage millions of innocent people every day. if he saved the innocent, it just wouldn't be perfect justice. can't you see how just it is? its perfectly just.

  • ezekiel3
  • doogie

    wow. thank EZE. maybe its something in the air

  • RunningMan

    Just to go one step further on this - is sin genetic?

    I mean, the only thing that you can pass on to your children is your DNA. You can inherit eye color, but you can't inherit a hairstyle. So, in order to pass on inherited sin, then sin must be genetic. Scientists should discover the gene marker any time, now.

    And, this leads to another question. If sin is genetic, then Adam and Eve must have had it. Where did they get it - from their heavenly father?

  • BrendaCloutier

    In looking at this sort-of scientifically, it is necessary for all living things to die in order to purpetuate the cycle of life. Bugs eat plants and other bugs, bugs get eaten by bug eaters like mice and rats and birds, etc., on up the food chain; Man being at the top of the chain.

    To me this IS life eternal, as it is self purpetuating: be born, eat, grow up, eat, procreate, eat your mate, die. All so the next generation can continue the cycle.

    This cycle is also essential for the genetic, developmental evolution of species. (which I happen to believe has/had an intelligent plan behind it.)

    I think this "life everlasting" thing has been a vastly misrepresented and overated carrot dangled to control the masses. Personally I think life would get rather boring and the days, months, and years would go by too swiftly after 500 years or so. Heck, they go by too switfly now, and I'm not yet 50!



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