Suicide Update 8-31-04 and How You Can Help

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  • czarofmischief

    Amen, man. Be strong. It is good that you have a woman you can trust.

    As Winston once said, "Behind every good man is a better woman" to which I add my own coda: "She often goes in front, as well, to clear the way."

    Where would we be without good women, Corvin? I shudder to think... How great it is; how fear inspiring, how humbling.

    My prayers, such as they are, are with you and your family as you combat your demons.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    You might want to look at this thread

    Ewanchuk v. Ewanchuk: JW grandparents' rights case

    Not quite the same issues but it might be helpful

  • bisous


    I don't know you really and have only crossed the *JWD posting lanes* occasionally, but I have noted before and will again that I have much respect for what you have and continue to do to fight for your children. Yes I am a mother and believe I would do nothing less myself. But because I walked the same miles in your daughter's shoes ... where no one was EVER willing to stand up for me, their own child ... your reaction as a father triggers profound admiration and a touch of bittersweet regret on my part. As a young girl and teen, I made several feeble attempts at hurting myself and suicide (cutting, taking pills, etc.). Funny thing is, no one even NOTICED. Sad, really.

    So please know that from me to you, thoughts of encouragement, appreciation, and positivity are sent assertively towards you and especially your dear wife Mary, who must also be one hell of a fighter. You are blessed to have found her. Your children will come through and your family will be intact, closer, strengthened by overcoming these terrible ordeals.

  • Snapdragon


    wow bro, I just got back from vacation to find this bizzare melt down. I am so sorry, my friend. I know we've only passed in postings a few times, but I read a lot more than I post. I feel very close to many people here, and follow their plights, even when they don't realize it. Again, just to add to the other multitudes, you have my support and love... way over here in Wisconsin. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    And please pass on my feelings to your family if you discuss this place with them.


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