Question for Women.

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  • waiting

    Hey Red,

    I'm with you. All that work.....yuck.

    I remember, rather like a good/bad dream not wanting to go back.

    Kismet - you've either done a lot of reading or your a dangerous unmarried man........


  • Kismet

    Dangerous?!?! umm thank you (perplexed look)

    I didn't even get into the idea of taking massage courses or learning to cook or...

    Kismet - aka Johnny Dangerous (LOL)

  • Zep

    Oh Fred Flindstone, Seven, thanks!.I might point out that the stuff i've said about women here...well, i'm just a joking, but you know that!.I wouldn't really take her to the wrestling NAh...maybe a Van Dam movie or something, that'd work.
    Actually, once...i took my then girlfriend to the movie "theres something about Mary", thinking it was a comedy/romance....we both got a bit of a shock in the first 10 minutes, but it was a good night in the end, it was hilarious!

  • spectromize

    Thanks for the advice, I will seriously study it. I need it at times.

  • waiting


    I will seriously study it.

    [You missed The Point!![/i]

    Just relax, learn to laugh easily, make her laugh, ask questions if you don't want to talk too much about yourself. Let her talk - some.

    But just have some fun. Sexual ploys I don't believe should be serious study - I've never heard a man refer to them as such.

    It's a New Saturday Night - have some fun, and relax & enjoy the ride.

    Perhaps there'll be Lil' Specs on the horizon - (in the far distant future after marriage {old jw teaching kicking in.})

    Enjoy yourself, don't study too hard or long. Women aren't that hard to get used to. Just irritating.....


  • Pathofthorns

    Hey Spec, you're Canadian?

    Canadian girls are a tough breed to get along, they can be real spoiled brats if they don't get their way. Of course not all of them are like that.

    Funny that you say that. Even "worldly" guys I've worked with say the same thing, so it must be cultural and not a "truth thing". And yet what I dislike about Canadian girls is what I also like about them. Figure that one out.


  • Seven

    spec, I'm not trying to put pressure on you here, but you have four more days to get a date for Saturday night.7

  • spectromize


    I have to work both days this weekend and likely won't be going out. So that puts a damper in my plans. However watch out for next weekend!

  • Roamingfeline

    Good thread. Seven, your description of a first date was absolutely smashing! You have a brilliant mind, lady. I admire you.

    Good luck, Spec. I'm sure you'll do fine!

    Kismet, you just spent too many years praying to the Brooklyn God. I'm sure you'll catch up quickly now that you've seen the error of your ways. LOL


  • Kismet

    Roaming Cat Lady:

    I am doing my best to catch up!

    As an interesting aside, I attended a seminar through a Marketing Association I am with and bumped into another XJW.

    She was DF'ed while in my Congregation. The next summer I saw her picketing the Assembly. We are going out for dinner Friday night. Who woulda thunk it!!

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