Drinking and driving? Would/have you ever done it?

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  • frankiespeakin

    Yes, but I only have a beer or a glass of wine,,not much of a drinker maybe because I smoke mj often I don't drink much.

    I will smoke pot and drive no problem. If you regularly smoke it,, it doesn't effect your driving skill,,in fact it makes me much more careful and focused on driving.

  • lawrence

    I cracked up a Blazer in 1996 with .31 alcohol in my blood. They had to sew my arm together, broken ribs, broken shoulder, concussion, etc. I should have learned a long time before that - my brother died on acid and alcohol behind the wheel. I can say I am cured of driving now when I am impaired. But, it took a long time. One day I heard a voice that said,

    "Angels used to ride my fender, then they went on a bender." No more protection - I quit juicing and cruising.

  • Simon

    I am very paranoid about *not* driving if I've had a drink. Even if you are not over any limit it *does* affect your ability (anyone who claims otherwise is deluding themself and possibly a danger to themselves and others IMO).

    When I was younger, more foolish and didn't have dependants I was probably less careful though. I can't remember 'drink driving' but I was possibly close to it once or twice.

  • WildHorses

    When I was young (around 20) I did, but only if I had one or two. The only time I ever got to drunk to drive, I didn't. My boyfriend did. I was to busy going to new yooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk, in a buuuuuiiiicccckk.

    Now, I seldom drink and if I do I do it at home or have someone with to do the driving.

  • Xena

    I've never been that big a drinker...and if I do drink I perfer to do it at home. The times I go clubbing with friends I usually have one or two at the beginning of the evening and then switch to water. Getting drunk doesn't really appeal to me much....

  • JH

    When I was young, I drove from bar to bar, and usually at the end of an evening, I'd consume about 6 or 7 beers, and drove home very slowly. Today, I don't go out in bars, I'm too old to be there, so I have a beer or two home once in a while.

  • Stefanie

    Yea, if i get wasted it will be at home.

    Its too expensive to do in a bar!

    No, dont and would never drink and drive.


  • simplesally

    I have and gotten the DUI............not fun.

    Now, I usually drink at home. If I have a few too many, I get a ride home. I've called my ex, my friend has called his wife to take us home and I've take taken a cab....lot less expensive and no danger.

  • anew

    Well, I am sure everyone is going to yell at me but yes I have, I have gotten a lot better and only have a couple now when out. For a while, the lounge I went to was the only place where I felt comfortable and had freedom to just be me. I won't go into details but it is definitely not a dive but definitely not a place most JWS would frequent, so therefore the cig and a few or many drinks were cool as no one would ever tell on me and I had a great time. I felt like I belonged somewhere finally. I really hit it hard for a year or two and thank God that I didn't hit someone or get a DUI. Now I am more responsible even though I still frequent the place. So that is my story.

  • ballistic

    I think it is a cultural thing - and it is good that in England there is a big stigma to drinking and driving. However this is not the case all around the world. When I was in the Caribbean last year, we saw several "drive-in" bars full of scooters and my friend who lives in Bermuda says that literally everyone drinks and drives scooters. When in England he wouldn't think of it, but when in Bermuda he joins in with everyone else. Oh - they also had petrol stations \ bars (aka gas stations) in the Dominican Republic. While they washed your car and filled it, you sink a few.

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