What is the ONE thing the world needs MORE of...

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  • GermanXJW


  • dh

    i forgot to mention lychees, fresh ones.

  • detective


    What is the ONE thing the world needs MORE of...

    I was going to say Police Academy movies, but clearly my prayers have been answered.

    no, maybe decent manners or perfect cups of tea or long weekends... the list goes on...

  • L_A_Big_Dawg
    To me, tolerance of anothers view that is in conflict with mine is a lot easier to tolerate if it does not harm me. The JW doctrines have harmed me and my whole family.

    Very true, bubbamar. Tolerance ends where physical, mental or emotional (not speaking of hurt feelings) harm begins.


  • stillajwexelder

    understanding of others

  • alien from earth
    alien from earth

    ok i'm new to the forum but correct me if i am wrong but when we talk about TOLERANCE, are we not kidding ourselves if we put limits on how much we will tolerate others unless it afects ME? The way i look it is we either accept and appreciate one another or we continue to fight and argue with individuals who are different (not better or worse) than us. Why cant we accept that there is no better race or colour but we are all equal (good and bad) and together we add our own backgrounds and cultures?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Round Tuits.

    We need more round tuits.

    Everybody says they'll do something as soon as they get a round tuit.

    Round tuits are a productivity enhancer.

  • Satanus

    Money and the stuff it can buy. Just kidding. But, if that isn't true, then why are people corporations always trying to increase their profits? Why do people who already have enough money and suff want more? Just thoughts. Hey, money is cool.


  • Huxley

    Brussel sprouts. (with vinegar)

  • Carmel

    Justice which is the foundation of unity...without which no progress can be made

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