Curb Your Enthusiasm

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  • Robdar

    On HBO. It is written by Larry David--the guy who co-wrote Seinfeld. It's hysterically funny. Almost like Seinfeld but crazier. Episodes also available on DVD. Anybody else watch it?

  • stillajwexelder

    No -but I do suscribe to Cable and HBO is part of the CABLE package - good to hear from you Robyn

  • minimus

    It's one of the FUNNIEST shows on tv. I love it!

  • Confucious


    I'm the biggest Curb fan.

    My favorite one is Crazy-Eyez Killa!!!

    Followed by...

    The Baptism.

    The Doll

  • Robdar
    good to hear from you Robyn


    Good to hear from you too. I thought of you when my parents were up last week and we had an impromptu apostafest (yes, they came to an apostafest!). I wanted my dad to meet you and I almost called you at the last minute but knew that you would have to drive a long ways to get here. Next time, I hope to have a little more notice.

    If I have another Halloween party this year, I hope you will attend. That is if you can stand being around some of my obnoxious artist friends!

    Minimus, I love the show too! I hope that more people will watch it.


  • minimus

    Crazy Eyes was the funniest and the one about his mother's death.

  • Robdar

    Confucious, I haven't seen all those but hope to. I am relatively new to the program. My son turned me on to it. Tonight I watched a DVD featuring the first season:

    "The Pants Test"

    "Ted and Mary"

    "Porno Gil"

    "The Bracelet"

    "Interior Decorator"

    "The Wire"

    They were soooo funny!

  • Robdar
  • TonyT

    Would you care for a dozen sponge cakes?

  • Confucious

    Ro. Get HBO on demand and catch the second season. THAT ONE is the funniest. con

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