Question about letters to society.

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  • stillajwexelder

    The reply usually sent back to a publisher from the Bethel CIA (AKA Service Dept under J. Edgar Jaracz) is vague and self serving at best.


  • sunshine

    I had talked to elders and CO about the UN and they said to write the Society. I did, and got a letter in reply that did not answer any questions, but gave more excuses about the library. So I called over there and after being passed fronm one person to the other I finally got to speak to a brother who gave the same excuses and asked if I would rather believe one of Jehovah's servants or anyone the the UN or Dag Hammerskjoeld Library.....anyways, they said they did not keep any correspondence between them and the UN that would prove that they had to register and the person that told them that they had to, probably no longer works there, plus they could not remember what it was that supposedly changed in the applications for registering, after all these years......

    So it is just more excuses and more lies to cover the other lies.....

    How sad. But what is more sad is that I always hear "we cannot expect perfection" and "wait on Jehovah"

    greetings from Germny, sunshine

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