Would You Ever Become A "Bible Student" & Believe In Russell's Writings?

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  • RR
    As I mentioned in the other thread, when a person simply reads the chronology in CTR's writings, it's easy to see that 1799 was not the beginning of the time of the end

    You apparently have no concept of what Russell meant by "the beginning of the time of the end". But I'll leave you in your ignorance. RR

  • RR
    ... or that 1917 did not usher in worldwide anarchy that would precede the saints all going to heaven.

    btw ... where is 1917 in Russell's writings? RR

  • gumby
    My take is that the Bible Students try to get JWs or exes to look into their brand of faith. That's why they pop up on these boards. They might say that they're not looking for converts but I think, in reality, they are feeling out people on the internet to get their interest aroused so that they might try out the BS movement....(just my opinion

    Minimus.....as you already know, all christian faiths have this similar characteristic. They all believe their interpretation of the scriptures is "more correct" than others, and they want as many as possible to be aware of it. They are no different than others in this respect accept they might be more aggresive at sounding out their message than many others.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    While most religions share the same defects in varying degrees, i.e. the ``I'm right, everyone else is wrong" syndrome and are usually distinguished from the others by one or two quirky doctrines, at least the Bible Students retain the core beliefs of JWism (soul sleep, paradise earth, no hellfire, etc.) but are much more tolerant of dissent, have a much more constructive view of their role within society and have a social conscience.

  • joenobody

    While I never would become a Bible Student, I don't think that they are trying to get converts on this board. RR is probably the chief poster of the Bible Students on here and in my estimation he's a good guy with an intelligent head on his shoulders. I've never seen evidence of him trying to "convert" anyone. He's usually the first to debunk a lot of the myths about Russell (ie. Mason, occult etc) and writes very intelligently and respectfully. We should thank the Bible Students for their WT reprints as well.

  • frankiespeakin

    I agree we need not worry about RR trying to convert anybody. He's basically a good guy. If he defends his beleifs with a hope to help other join him,, so what,,that's what he feels strongly about,, I don't fault him for that. But on the other hand I don't think we should go easy on him but put him to the test if he wants to defend that manipulative,,self-absorbed Russell.

    So Room215,, would you ever concider becomeing a Bible Student??

  • joenobody

    Yes but RR doesn't paint him as a saint either. I think you'd be surprised at the result trying to go head-to-head with him. The man KNOWS his Russell history.

  • minimus

    RR, the choice is yours....Room, I've always been fascinated by the Bible Students. As a kid, I used to go to the library and covertly read about them. I used to say to myself, "If we as JWs have the truth, why wouldn't Brother Russell have had the truth too, being our founder?".....After reading many of the old publications, I believe Russell's followers almost idolized the man. Many did feel he was the "slave". He never seemed to squash that opinion....Of course, anyone should be able to believe in anything that they want to. From my reading, I would never believe in CTR's ideas.

  • gitasatsangha

    minimus it does sometimes come off as you hounding RR until he has to respond back. It aint cool.

  • minimus

    Gita, I'm not trying to hound him on anything. But I do think that anyone that might want to look into the Bible Students and the Charles Taze Russell writings should know that they are dealing with incorrect prophetic information and scripturally unsound ideas. If anyone, including JWs use the forum to try to gain support for their cause, it should be expected that an exposition or a query would be in order. Obviously, a number of persons believe that Russell was not a role model or a bearer of divine truth. I'm glad that's coming out.

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